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hiya new here ladies :)

Hiya. Hope u dont mind me gatecrashing! I was on this website bagk in 2011 and joined the born in january 2011.. had my little boy alfie whos now two image Im 24 years old (today!) Lol.. only the one child and now have a baby girl on way due 27th june image anyone else due that day!?? Iv been with my partner year and half, hes brought my little boy up since he was 4 months old image... anyways just wanted to get to know you ladies if thats ok as i dont know anyone else whos 20 weeks pregnant at moment so wanted to meet new ladies image hope your pregnancies are all going well! Iv had alot of problems since week 11 with heavy bleeding which theyve put down to clots around placenta... and had M/S from 7 weeks till 18 weeks image but 20 week scan last week shows my little girl doing well image thats it really! Hope to hesr bavk from u xxx


  • Hi Clare - Happy Birthday and congratulations on your little girl image welcome to the forum - everyone on here is lovely, so im sure you'll find someone at about the same stage of pregnancy as you. I've only been ttc number 1 for 2 months, so heres hoping this month is positive! image xx

  • Thanks for your reply image hope u get your bfp this month image can i ask, were u in this forum-due in june, from the beginning? I memba a few ladies back in the duenin january 2011 who joined early on and sadly lost heir beans so didnt no if same had hapened with u? image sorry to hear if it did. Xx
  • Hello Claire and welcome to the group, I am due 5th june and dont know what we are having yet, not through a lack of trying but little bean has been awkward at last two scans so still non the wiser whether pink or blue. I have one dd how just turned 2 years on Friday past so feeling the tiredness more this time around than before. I hope all your bleeding has subsided now and you can have a stress free rest of pregnancy.x

  • Hiya Clare - no sorry I wasn't, I only joined in december when i started ttc number 1 image xx

  • Congratulations and welcome Claire x
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