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New Here

I am new to this site, I was reading some of the discussions about people taking Clomid and just wanted to get in on the hope. Not really sure how to work this site.


  • Hi there.

    I'm new too. I'm not sure what medication I will go on when I start treatment. I think it will be injections. I'm having ICSI due to low motility.

    Have you started treatment already?

  • Trottee, Yes I am on my 2nd round of Clomid 100mg this time. I dodnt O last time on the 50mg. I got a + OP on 4/19 so I have a doc appt this Friday to check my levels. Fingers crossed this is working. When do you see your doctor for treatment options?

  • We've already had 2 consultations. Most of the tests have been carried out, it just seems to be a motility issue. We will be going to Bourn Hall in Cambridge to have the treatment and hope to start at the beginning of June after our holiday.

    I hope your appointment goes well on Friday. Please let me know how you get on xTx
  • What type of treatment will you be having? A vacation may be just the thing needed to relax you and get ready for the treatment. I will def let you know how my Appt goes, I cant wait for Friday to get here even though I know I will probably have to wait a couple more days after that for the results image Maybe my doc can give me some news though.

  • I really hope you get some good news on Friday. Then you can move closer to a nice BFP.

    We are having ICSI. To be honest I'm not sure what the whole treatment will entail at this stage. I've been told I will have some injections before they collect my eggs ready for fertilisation. We have got to attend a seminar in the next few weeks and apparently all our questions will be answered there.

    How long have you been ttc? x
  • Trottee I had my cycle at Bourn Hall, so beautiful and the success rates are great, just wanted to say.
  • We have been trying for almost a year. The above is great positive news for you trotteeimage

  • Thanks for that Laurelladie, I really hope it's successful for us. What can I can expect after the seminar? The consultant didn't really go into much detail really.

    It will be 6 years for us in June Little Toes. We always thought I'd would just happen when we wanted it to but no luck! Fingers crossed the clomid is doing its job and your levels are good on Friday.

  • Wow that is a long time, you are very brave to have not given up yet... I had my levels checked this morning but I wont know the results until Monday..... Fingers & Toes crossed for good news all the way around. Found out this morning also from previous blood tests that my sugar levels are not good at all so if I get a BFP I will have to watch that very closely.

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