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A good news story

Hi Ladies


There seems to be quite a lot of new people on here so you may not remember me.  i don't come on here very often.  I suffered my first mc in january 2011 and went on to have four in total the last one being may 2012.  we decided to take some time out as it was totally affecting our lives and relationship and i set out to lose two stone which i achieved.  just before christmas we started trying again and i'm pleased to say that we were successful and i had my 12 week scan yesterday and all is good.

I had the recurrent miscarriage tests and all was clear which didn't really seem very helpful - we were just sent away and told it was bad luck! 

the only difference this time was that when i got my positive test i had no spotting around the time of af whereas with each mc i had some spotting. 

as a stab in the dark i was prescribed progesterone pessaries to take twice a day up to 12 weeks which are gross but seriously i'd have tried eating snot if it would work!!!!

so i hope you all have happy stories to tell in the near future - and believe me - if we can do it - anyone can.  don't give up but also don't be afraid to take some time out.  it really does go quicker than you exptect



  • congrats speccles. i to have had mc the last dec12 im now 18weeks 2days with a healthy baby girl.  so we are both good reasons to keep going x

  • what an awful time you've had; life just isn't fair sometimes!! I had bad news at my 12 week scan 2 weeks ago (no hb and only measured 7 weeks) I'm trying my best to keep positive and move on but I just want to be pregnant again straight away and feel happy and excited again! I keep thinking 2 weeks ago I was pregnant and now I'm not!!

    so glad all was good at your scan, enjoy your pregnancy, you too calee xx


  • I remember you speccles!

    congratulations, you must be over the moon.

    i hardly come on here nowadays, after I had a 3rd mmc march 2012 but today I got a BFP.  Phoning fertility clinic tomorrow as also been told I can get progesterone.

    really hoping it works but have some brown spotting, which I've never had before so not holding my breath!


    hope you have a happy and healthy next few months

  • Nessie, I remember you, and congrats on your bfp.

    Could the brown spotting be implantation?

    FC for you

    SB x

  • Speccles I remember you from when I used to come on here. I also had 4 mc, then got the progesterone pessaries and am now 35 weeks!! You're right there gross but likewise would have also eaten snot to stop the miscarriages!!

    Congratulations and I hope everything continues to go well for you.

    Congratulations Nessie on your bfp. How are things now? Did you get progesterone?

    Congratulations Calee and spongebobby too.

    Really sorry to hear about your mc carioke.


  • Hi, I remember you too sponge bobby.  How are you?

    i am now 6 weeks and on progesterone and low dose aspirin.  Very nervous and have an early scan booked for 8th July. 

    I had bad cramps and spotted for a day or 2 after my BFP but think that must have been implantation.  I have been having acupuncture for last few months, so hoping this will help us his time!



  • Hi speckles and Nessie I remember you both!  Aw congratulations to you xxx my lg is 1 next month x wishing you happy and healthy pregnancies x

  • Well done! X

  • Speccles that's wonderful


    I remember you from the sept 2011 forum.

    So happy for you x
  • It's very interesting to see lots of people having success after the progesterone pessaries, as i also had 4 miscarriages before my son.but with him i was prescribed progesterone and he is now nearly 9 months old image

    Unfortunately i have just suffered an ectopic pregnancy, but i felt slightly apprehensive about it as had no treatment, so will definitely be asking for the pessaries next time we ttc x
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