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Baby movements.....

Hi guys.

ive jst spent 6 hours at the hospital yest cos I Cudnt feel baby moving much over the weekend, and I've read a few sites on the net that we shud b feeling baby move abt 10 times in an hr? But wen I suggested this to my doctor she luked at me as if I'm crazy and said its 10 movements all day I shud b counting, not one hour so I shudnt b at all concerned..........I did say wat with 3 kids n an mil to luk after I don't have the concentration or the time to sit there counting movements all day, but u do kno that this baby is moving much less than my other 3, to which she replied all pregnancys n all baby's r different n I shudnt compare this baby's movements with my past experiences........

so I'm just lukin for a lil advice, n mayb sum insight into all ur pregnancys since we r all around the same time, how much do u feel baby move and wen u think I shud b concerned cos I can't go everyday to hospital for checkups, bt I do still wory.........


  • It's 10 movement sessions in the day. This little botanist making his presence know he moves lots and is enjoying laying on my sciatic nerve. Last pregnancy I had an anterior placenta and didn't feel the movements anywhere near as much. The baby can also turn so they are kicking inwards towards your back you won't feel the movements then either x

  • sorry to hear you had a worry with your baby's movements. i had a couple of times of worrying when pg with my dd but having something like choc/fizzy drink did work in the end to get her going. she didnt move half as much as the baby does in this pg, he goes crazy in there so i couldnt put a number on how many movements i get a day. but i think its just about getting to know whats normal for your baby and if any change from that get checked out if concerned as you did, hope it doesnt worry you again x 

  • I am finding most movement in the morning and evening when iam relaxed, generally not much during the daybut the odd twinge/kick....I am putting this down to me beingbusy in the day so just not registering the movement

    You are right to get checked if you are worried, you can download a kick chart off the net, this might help you track a pattern 

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