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hi all hope your all good ,so my baby is still laying with her head tucked in my left hip and if she doesnt move soon i will have to have a c section. im having every emotion going right now,she is my 6th baby and ive had 5 lovely births the last 2 really quick i really wanted that again.  i feel like ive failed, ive heard nothing but bad stories about c section can anyone please put my mind a ease?  i know that if thats the best way to get a healthy baby then so be it but just hope she moves.i  have a scan 4th sep eeek....  33weeks 3days pink bump x


  • StIll plenty of time for her to wriggle free hun, try not to worry. God it must be uncomfortable! I still remember dd getting her foot under my ribs - ouch! 

    You havent failed at all! You've already brought 5 beautiful babies into the world, soon to be 6. You've carried this one around with you every day for almost 9 months, the least you deserve is a nice quick, easy birth! Even if you do have to have a c-section (which I know is scary) its such a routine procedure, really nothing to be worried about and will be the safest yhing for your baby as you already know. Recovery will be hard with a newborn but no harder really than after a vaginal birth, just a little longer. I had a 3rd degree episiotomy with dd, walked away ( not literally, was in a w.chair lol) with 23 stitches, 11 outside and 12 internal. Mw said recovery from csection would have been easier! 

    This probably hasnt helped at all but I wish you the very very best of luck and hope you get the birth you want for your baby image xx

  • Have u tried bouncing on a birthing ball? That's quite good for getting babies head down. Or sitting facing the back of a chair n leaning forwards to help baby move a bit x

  • thank you ladies,i know how you feel bellasmummy i had 16 stiches in total with my first ouch .   mw said to sleep on my left side where her head is might make her move it and yes lots of bouncing on the ball which shes not to happy about as she moves loads after lol xx

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