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New here :-) Lttc and possible endo

Hi, Im new on here too. The forums and all the information are a great help....

My story is TTC 2 years, starting the process of fertility treatment. OH tests came back all clear, next step is me. x


  • Hi,

    must have deleted my post by accident and just now when i tried to post something it didnt show up either.

    2 years ttc is quite long. How old are you and your oh? My oh is 34 and i am not much younger. His dr said up to 2 years is nornal. We have been ttc 1,5 years. Never even seen a positive test.

    Have been waiting for a year just to get an appointment for my ultrasound check up & to speak to a gyn. Will be seen next months. A bit scared that they might find cysts and endo but at least then something can be done. Really hope we wont need ivf. Waiting lists are soo long for that as well and how do you do ivf while working up to 50 hrs a week!?? Guess we would need to take holidays? How do you feel and stay positive? Does any of your family and friends know? Best of luck x
  • Hi Ives,

    I am 24 and my OH is 27. Yeah my doctor said once you go by the 2 year mark they start testing you. We have never seen a positive test either, it is such a heartbreaking thing to go through. But my doctor did say that if we keep track of the test results and when they are taken and also the ovulation tests it would be something to show the Fertility Clinic.

    Waiting for a year is a lonnnnggggg time! I would be chasing them up and pestering  them until they pushed the date forward. I have been told they must see you within ten weeks for every new appointment. My sis and my best friend work for the NHS so that is the advice they have given me.

    I know what you mean. IVf is a scary thought, and trying to go through it while working full time is hard... but cross that bridge when we come to it. I have been very negative and blaming myself for a lot of things. This week though I have a slightly better outlook. Still scares me what we are going through but trying to stay a bit positive.

    My sister knows. She lives in Newcastle but we are quite close. And a couple of our friends know. Alot of our friends are younger, single or in new realtionships so are not where we are at the moment. its hard to speak with to our friends because noone truly understands whats happening until they go through it. I have learned to block out certain people. it helps lol....

    it is good to talk to someone in the same situation. sometimes OH just doesnt understand....

    Hope to hear from you soon. xx

  • Hi Ashley,

    Yes I know to wait a year for an appointment is crazy! They actually gave me one for June but they cancelled on me cause the Dr was on call that day so the next one was for October. Less then 4 weeks to go now image

    I am not that much older than you. I am 28 but my partner is 34. We live near the Braehead shopping Centre in Glasgow.

    We have a dog that keeps us busy but not many friends to hang out with. Nearly all of them are married and have 2 children. The others are around 7 months pregnant and both my OH and myself are avoiding them at the moment.

    I have always worked im kindergarten teaching/nurseries. So I see mums & their kids and plenty of pregnant people all day, every day. Its not easy some days. Resently I struggled quite a bit but I try to stay positive cause at least we are getting seen by the Drs now image

    What do you do to destract yourself with? I was thinking to join a yoga class or get guitar lessons..i only moved into the area about early last year. So dont know that many people.

    But it really helps to talk about this on here image

    Yeah I agree my OH doesnt always understand it either. Last night I was simply exhausted and down about it all and he was all happy cause him and his mate

    are going to England for the weekend to pick up a motor.

    He totally does not get it why I am simply tired and not so enthusiastic at the moment. I think for us women its all a bit harder cause we are always

    confronted with it.

    Have a good day image

    will be nice to hear from you again.

    th his mate for the weekend
  • Oh just noticed that a bit of a sentence ended up at the end lol typed it on my phone image
  • Hi Ines,

    I cannot believe they made you wait this long when it was them who cancelled! how annoying. I am just about to call today and chase them up! I am too impatient! haha!

    I know where you are, I used to live in Renfrew but I now live across the water from Braehead! not that far from you. I know what you mean about avoiding people, but my that must be hard with your job! but yes you are right, you are on the right path!

    Glad we can chat on here though, venting is good haha and sharing our journeys (will keep you updated on my phone call)


    Well my friend and I are starting our own business venture, I bake and do bake sales and I go swimming lots and do pilates at home! (there is fertility yoga which apparently helps to improve your fertility).

    Typical Men! lol! im sure he means well and doesnt want to dwell on it, but yes, it would be nice if they stopped and took note of our feelings once in a while! its so hard because you dont want to take it out on them, but you also dont want to keep dwelling on it.

  • Hi Ashley,

    sorry for the late reply. I haven't been online much lately.

    Oh wow it sounds exciting to start your own business with your friend!! Wishing you the best of luck image

    I bake a lot with the children that I look after. We make everything from scratch, the other week we made a French Brioche together..goodness that took about 8 - 9 hours!! Turned out really well tho image haha

    How did it go with the phone call? My appointment at the clinic is next Thursday. Getting excited and nervous here. Its an Ultrasound check up and I get to talk to the Gyn - Finally!! image

    I have heard of fertility yoga and bought myself 2 books about yoga, I just need to go an join a class - cause after work I am simply too tired to do it myself image

    Do you have DVD's or books for the pilates at home or how do you do it?

    I work up to 48 hrs per week so really just get sooo tired out that I don't know where to find the strength to do anything afterwards. I would love to do something like this at the weekends tho image

    Okay I better go and get some sleep now. Have some really nasty migrane headaches lately and a sore throat as well..generally feel pretty rubbish and just hope that I won't end up with the flu or cold.

    Speak soon & let me know if there is any progress with the drs.


  • Hi Ines, 


    Well phone call put me on a proper downer! I was told I would probably be seen within 7 months. That really set me back. Then I got a letter from the Hospital which states I am officially on the waiting list. Its brought everything into focus and I think it freaked me out a little. 

    I was told by my doctor to keep a note of everything. and i mean everything from when my period is, when im ovulating and preg tests. Which in itself is very draining. So hard. 

    Tell me about it haha! I am knackered when I get in from work. What do you do? my journey home is a 30 min drive..but I have been going swimming. theraputic aswell as good for losing the lbs. lol... 

    How did your appointment go??? Hope everything went well... if you want to email me privately you can. xxxx

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