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waiting for the results

Hello ladies Me and hubby have been trying for more than a year , last month I went to see my gp and she offered a blood test for me and a semen test for hubby next week its my appointment for the results I'm so worried I cant take my mind of things wondering what its wrong .I didnt told no one that we started ttc so I cant talk to no one ..x


  • Hello Mrs MB,

    We have only just started the testing too. My DH had a test done last Thursday and got the results on Tuesday - not very positive I'm afraid. DH has a pretty low sperm count and we have therefore been referred to the assisted conceptions unit. I've only had a couple of scans so far and got my referral to the gynecology unit - the wheels are in motion now image

    Don't worry about the results chick, if there is a problem it can be fixed. Your GP will refer you to the fertility people if there is a problem. The only issue is that the fertility people take ages and there are long waiting lists on the NHS. I always said that I would rather know because then we can start looking for a solution and treatment.

    The ladies on this forum are very helpful so ask away if you need advice with anything. I have to say that I have learnt an awful lot about these things this year. I didn't have a clue back in january and I'm pretty clued up on things now ha ha

    Good Luck and let us know how you got on at the GPs


  • Thanks sweet juddy yes I said that too im a bit scared and in other side cant wait to know what is going wrong so we can fix it as soon as we can ..Good luck x
  • Hello ladies i had appoitment with my doctor about my result and they're telling that i had low progestrone levels and my dr told me repeat the 21 day blood test wich ive done today  x

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