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Conceiving with PCOS naturally!

I wanted to drop by and give some of you ladies hope.
I have only just found out I have PCOS but my doctors believe I had it before I conceived my first child in 2011.

At that time I hadn't had a period in four months and was getting incredibly stressed that something was wrong. The doctors I saw at the time weren't too fussed but at 30 years old, although I wasn't intending to try for a baby at that very moment I was conscious that it wouldn't be long before I wanted to. I ended up finding out I was 5 weeks pregnant in April 2011, having not had a period since December 2010. The only thing I did at this stage was to go and see a hypnotherapist who combined hypnotherapy with reflexology in the hope that she could somehow regulate my periods. Although I wasnt actually hypnotised (I found the whole experience a little odd), I think the relaxation helped. My first baby was born in November 2011 weighing a hefty 10lb 8.5oz, which as a size UK10 myself was quite a shock. The midwifes and doctors all suspected I had undiagnosed gestational diabetes  (another PCOS symptom).

Fast forward to this partner and I have been trying for the past 6 months to get pregnant and although that isn't long, I knew there was something not right as I have awful stabbing pains in my left side during intercourse. I finally went to the doctors (told them I'd been trying a year) and she said to keep on trying. It was only when I mentioned the stabbing pains that she referred me for an ultrasound. Lo and behold, the scan showed a ton of cysts on both ovaries. Well I was shattered to hear this. Then last Friday I found out I had fallen pregnant again, naturally without any medication like Metformin or Clomid.

The only thing I did this time was to use a lubricant called Conceive Plus which my partner and I applied to ourselves before we had intercourse. I also found a hypnotherapy fertility recording online that I would listen to in bed at night. Also I have been taking large doses of Vitamin D3 (4000mg a day). The actual reason for taking the vit D3 is because my mother was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and having researched intensely it has been found that people who suffer from cancer have very low levels of this vitamin in their bodies. Up to 5000mg a day is a kind of miracle drug that supposedly keeps cancer at bay. Anyway due to family history of cancer that's why I have been taking it. I've only just read that it's apparently very good for helping to conceive. Just don't overdo the dosage (max of 5000mg a day). I'm not sure if any of these things definitely contributed to falling pregnant with PCOS, but I wanted to mention them in case they can help anyone else. 

Hang in there ladies...we will all get our babies sooner or later. Good luck and wishing you all baby dust!


  • thanks for this has really helped i am 11dpo have pregnancy signs but BFN when i test i  also have pcos and startiing to give up hope of concieving naturally.

  • I have what I call pcos attacks. Its when I will go for a while where all my symptoms are almost gone or under control, where my periods are all on time, where the depression is gone, where I am losing weight and feel amazing. Then bam my attack begins. My period is late, im testing every three days, im emotional, im depressed , my symptoms are full blown, im gaining weight and feel terrible and my body hurts. Sometimes my attacks last only one cycle, sometimes two or three, but they always settle and im back on track with pcos. This is a hard battle but I wont give up my dream to conceive a family. My heart goes out to every pcos fighter. Kisses and hugs.
  • I have exactly the same with mine end up in hospital when I have a really bad pcos attack the pain is unbearable I end up on morphine on a drip in the gyni ward but the hospital I go to that is attached the maternity ward which kills me seeing all the babies but it's nice to know I'm not the only one who suffered like that when I have an attack x
  • Im so sorry and feel your pain completely . It is nice to know that im not alone. I have had attacks for quite some time now and once a new one hits I still get emotional and still cant get used to it or accept it. I still get all giddy and full of hope when I go out and buy tests and cry my eyes out when its negative. It just feels nice to share my pain as im in the midst of an attack these days.
  • that is  all very well saying clomid works but it doesn't work for everyone. i am allergic to lactose which is in 98% of tablets and i struggle to get medication. there are alot of natural remedies which work too. different women , different bodies, different treatments.

  • I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2002.I am trying to get pregnant from 2010 and have undergone several clomid cycles with no success .

    We have stopped fertility treatment from last 2 years and just taking metformin from last 8 months.

    My periods are irregular even with metformin . However after missing my periods on 8 may 2014 , I took a HPT and it showed -ve. Again I did the test on 28 th may 2014 and it's positive. I have testing everyday since then and it's all positive. I do not have any pregnancy symptoms. I am not sure wats happening. I am going to see my doctor next week.
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