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infertility clinic booked

finally re-booked my appointment at the fatality clinic the earliest they could book us in for was 2nd September so we have away to go yet but feel so much better knowing that we can finally find out if there are anything else wrong with me and my fiance is a little apprehensive about what tests he is going to have to have but as i told him compared to what i am going to have to have tested he gets the easy job

would love to known your experiences so we know what to expect from our first appointment x 




  • Hi,

    I can't help much but just thought I would share my first experience.


    I had my first appointment at the end of June. They just asked loads of questions like amount of time you have been trying, how many times a week do you have playtime! general health, any pains, any unusal discharge / bleeding. just general things really.

    I then had a urine test done ( they wanted to take a swab but i was on my period at the time ) this is to check sti i think and infections.

    You will then be asked to have a blood test on day 3 and day 21 of your cycle.

    Partner will be asked to do a sperm test. Just to measure how many he has.also questions for him i.e. general health and discharge etc.

    They then booked me in for a lap and dye. I had my lap and dye on Monday. Just recovering at the moment.

    I wish you loads of luck xxxxxxxxxx

  • Thank you x nice to know what to expect x hope all goes well for you x
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