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34 + 5 weeks measuring small

My last midwife appointment at 31+5 I was only measuring 31 weeks, at 27 +5 I was a week ahead. And have always measure ahead in all my pregnancies my 2 previous boys. I haven't gained weight since 28 weeks and have been static on 80kg (gained 11lbs) midwives are going to see what I'm measuring next week before sending me for a growth scan. Anyone had any experience of measuring small after always measuring ahead? It's easy to worry this late in the day. Definately feels like I'm out of room as my ribs hurt at the end of the day. Will add my boys were 59cm and 62cm when born... Really long... Maybe I'm carrying a shorter babe this time ?? Any experiences xxx


  • Hi piperpayne,

    at my 34 week appointment 2 weeks ago I measured 31 weeks despite being spot on at all other appointments. This is my 2nd Pregnancy and with my first I was always a bit ahead so felt quite panicked! She said I needed an urgent scan but had one scheduled that afternoon anyway to check the placenta position so at least I didn't have long to wait.... Anyway at my scan baby weighs approx 5.5lbs which is slightly on the large size so no need for me to worry at all! I am consultant led this time round and at my appointment with them last week he said not to worry as the measurement test they use is such an old test and there are bound to be some people that it doesn't always work for. I am still measuring 3 weeks behind but they tell me not to worry. I have only put on 7lbs so far this time and I'm sure this has something to do with it as put on 2 stone last time And have done nothing different this time round!


    i hope that your next appointment is reassuring and if you get another scan enjoy as you get to see so much detail.



  • Thanks Kerry, apparently I'm now measuring 36 weeks at my 36 week appointment (5 week increase in 2 weeks-really?!) Which I find unlikely.

    Weights still not shifted though I shouldn't complain.

    Hard not to stress about it when I'm not feeling overly supported by my other half or my family for that matter.
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