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Midwife Booking in appointment (April 2015)

Is everyone still waiting to have their booking in appointment? If you've already had it, have they told you anything new to last time (if this is not your first).


  • I've got mine on Monday at 1:30.
  • How many weeks are you chip01? The receptionist at the docs said you can't book one it after your 10wks which seems stupid. But I told her due to previous history I need to see her earlier so booked in for 18th. Will be nearly 9 wks. I've got a reassurance scan scheduled for this week coming up, booked by the docs. So will know for sure how far along I am x
  • I'm exactly 8 weeks on Monday.... Our gp (midwife) will see you after 8 weeks for booking in so I got in as early as possible!!!!
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