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***Weds TTC***

Hi Everyone!


There seems to be no thread so far today?!  I hope everyone is ok?  Saffron are you going to test again or just wait for af now?  Anyone else testing soon?


Nothing to add from me cd2 yawn! Sleep


  • Hey Lulu, sorry it's CD2 Sad Were you ok yesterday? I never made it back on to do more personals in the evening.

    I'm 13dpo so AF due any minute. Slight temp dip today but still high overall, I'm not testing today as the constant negatives are driving me insane.

  • Hi Saffron!  Yes I was ok yesterday, I had a few days of spotting so knew af was on the way just want to start on next cycle now!

    I can understand the testing driving you mad, I still really hope af doesn't show and it is good news for you!

  • Lulu CD2 is the most boring bit of TTC haha! Hope its gone soon.

    Saff - Still got my fingers crossed!!

    CD14 for me. Neg OPK this morning, will do another one when i get home. I am expecting a positive soon, usually around 15 -16 I think.

    Not looking forward to the 2ww, I'm already impatient for ovulation!!

  • Thanks ladies, glad you're ok Lulu. Rod - hope you OV soon!

  • Lulu - Hurry along AF so you can get on with the business!

    Saf - sorry you are getting annoyed with the tests.  Hopefully you will get an answer soon.

    Rod - Wave fingers crossed for your pos opk soon.

    AFM  - CD7 and started with the CB dual hormone sticks today as instructed and was a low as predicted, but thats good as dont want to ov too early as got donor booked for Sunday, Mon, Tues.  I am feeling really quite relaxed this cycle.  I think it was the initial getting the first one out of the way so to speak.  Still got massive high hopes though but theres no point in being pessimistic about this TTC lark else its a waste of time eh.  I have been taking B6 complex too to see if it will help with my LP.  I am actually praying it does as im a little worried to be honest. 

  • Hi Rod!  I know what you mean about being impatient I feel like I'm wishing the months away!  I hope you ov soon!

    Hi Vikster, glad you are feeling more relaxed this cycle.  Sounds like you should have ov covered!

  • Morning

    Lulu - hope af goes soon & u can crack on!

    Saff - really hope af stays away, fingers & toes crossed!

    Rod - hope u get a pos opk soon ;)

    Vikster - so good ur feeling more relaxed this cycle

    Afm - CD 26, nothing new to report

  • Hey Vikster, try not to worry too much, can you flash last cycles chart? I'm sure FF got OV day wrong.

    Cooper- how many DPO are you now? Fx!

  • Saff - 6dpo, af due on Tues. Compared to last month im much calmer & less googling!

  • Good stuff, will keep everything crossed for you!

  • Glad you're calmer Cooper, fingers crossed for you! x

  • Hi all, sorry it's late. I had a nice day with a friend today, bought some pretty things for the house from a little interiors boutique, and had a lazy lunch with a good chat about recent stuff. Work tomorrow, which I'm a bit nervous about but want to get over and done with. Just hope I don't have any miscarriages or deliveries to deal with! I have a feeling my body is getting back to normal hormones since I have sore boobs which I usually get about a week before AF is due. All I want is for it to arrive so I know I'm functional again so shouldn't have more than a week to wait!

    Vikster, good luck with the donor xx

    Saffron, fingers crossed for AF staying away!

    Rod, hope you get your positive OPK soon :-)

    Cooper, glad you're relaxed in the 2ww

    Lulu, boo for AF arriving, but at least you knew to expect it.

    Chat again soon xx

  • Hi ladies

    Only on CD3 but feeling positive as spent all evening yesterday reading my instruction booklet for my CBFM and set it up this morning.  Will do my first test apparently on cycle 6 as it gets to know my cycle.

    Brining on the ovulation for everyone

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