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12 weeks and still morning sickness?

I have been pretty lucky with morning sickness so far. It started properly at 8 weeks and has mainly just been nausea with a lot of gagging and a bit of sickness at about 10 weeks. I thought it had started going away a few days ago as since Tuesday I have had hardly any nausea at all. However, at lunch time today I started feeling sick and it gradually got worse throughout the day. Within minutes of getting home from work I was throwing up violently. There was nothing much to come up other than a bit of water and a cereal bar yet my body kept heaving over and over again. It was so strong I had tears streaming down my face. I am 12 weeks tomorrow and I am really worried that this is the sign of something being wrong. My sister, before she knew I was pregnant, told me about her friend who had very violent all day sickness from 10 weeks and was told at the 12 week scan that her baby had died and her sickness was a reaction to her body knowing there was something wrong with the baby but not ready to get rid of it yet. I don't really care about the nausea or being sick, but I am worried about my baby and whether it is ok. I have my scan on Tuesday so I will know for definite then but I am just so worried that my increased morning sickness is a sign of something being wrong. 

Is it normal to still have strongish morning sickness at 12 weeks? I was hoping it would have gone by now. Thanks x


  • awwww Bibby try not to worry sweetie pie.  If im honest and pardon my honesty but i think what your sister told you about her friend is crap!

    my midwife told me that morning sickness is a good sign and that people who have morning sickness are less likely to miscarry or have anything go wrong!

    im almost 14 weeks and my morning sickness peaked at 9-11 weeks.  fortunately i havent thrown up although come very close to it numerous times (i think i have a strong stomach).  im sure bubbs is OK so please dont worry!

    at about 12/13 weeks the placenta takes over to nourish the baby so perhaps your just in that change over phase where your hormones are sky high and everything is heightened?

    i still get morning sickness! i feel it now so im sure its normal image xxx

  • I really wouldn't worry hun, I've just started feeling better at 13wks. I'm sure nothing is wrong with your baby

  • Thanks girls. It is reassuring to know that others are also still having morning sickness post 10 weeks. I think it just shocked me how violently I was sick earlier...although I do feel a lot better now. I guess you could be right, Maria, and it could be as a result of the placenta and a change or surge in hormones. I do need to calm down a bit. I guess the whole ttc experience has made me so neurotic that I keep thinking that it is going to be taken away from me at any moment!!! I need to start thinking positively. After all I have reached 12 weeks so far without any major issues (touch wood) x

  • awwww bibby i know hun i really do! ive had a bit of a bumpy ride to get where i am today.....had spotting a few times in this pregnancy.....then they did a scan and told me i was carrying twins except one was an ectopic and in wrong place.....then they scanned again a week or 2 later and said o no actually it was just a cyst! (i was in bits for all that time) then after all that i had more spotting again!

    im constantly worrying all the time! i think its normal for us to worry....after all we are carrying a precious baby! image but hey were over the 12 week mark which is amazing! so we must learn to try to chill out i guess! image xxx

  • Mine has stopped at about 14 weeks both times. Hope you feel better soon. xx
  • Sorry to hear your still being sick. My midwife said they don't know what causes the sickness, but it is normally a good sign the baby is ok. I'm 12 + 3 today and still being sick about twice a day, but from 7-12weeks it was every single day between one to seven times a day and the midwife wasn't too concerned. Heard baby heartbeat for first time today and burst out crying. Hope your scan goes well, I think its only natural to worry about something this important, but remember after 12weeks, a lot of the risks go down considerably xx
  • Ahhh bibby I agree with Maria what your sister has said sounds a bit silly.. I'm not doubting what happened to her friend but I had a missed miscarriage where I didn't find out for about 4 weeks after it had happened (16 weeks) and had no symptoms whatsoever so I think the fact you are still feeling/being sick is a good sign that your hormones are still sky high and all is good! Some poor ladies sickness doesn't ease until 14-16 weeks!

    I am still feeling sick most days especially when I wake in the night (that's why I'm writing this at 4am on my phone haha!) and still get the mouth filling up with saliva/dry heaving every now and again! And I'm now 13+3..

    Hope you are feeling a bit reassured hun there is nothing worse than feeling so worried about bubs I know the feeling too well..

    Have an amazing scan on Tuesday image lots of luck although I'm sure you won't need it x
  • Gate crashing but with my 3 sons my sickness went off at 16w, 22w and 15w. I always took it as a good sign that baby was ok and growing well. image good luck. X
  • Maria, I so sorry to hear what you have been through. It sounds awful and it must have been a long first trimester! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

    Thanks to everybody. Your responses have made me feel a lot better, although earlier today I did get some brown spotting so that has set me off again with the worrying, Oh well...I only have a few days to wait until hopefully I will get some good news x

  • thanks hun.

    awww bless you.  i know how your feeling and it is worrying mine was when my period would be due which all the docs and midwifes say is relatively normal so long as its brown blood which apparently means is old blood.


  • Mine has only just gone and at 14weeks and 1 day I felt my old self and ate my 1st proper meal in weeks. It started about 7 weeks and felt like it would never go but literally all went overnight. I have now felt good for 5 days so hang on in there!
  • My morning sickness seems to have almost gone now...thank goodness. I spoke to my midwife about my spotting at yesterday's appt and she said it was probably caused by my violent throwing up session last Friday. I burst a blood vessel in my nose during it and she thinks the spotting was also from a burst blood vessel in my cervix. Anyway, had my 12 week scan yesterday at 12 + 3, and little babs is measuring 13 weeks and seems perfect. So happy and excited! Thanks for all your messages. They really did help x    
  • Glad all is well

  • is it normal for your sickness to go away at almost 12w with my first I never got sick with this one I was sick for a while and its gone I feel it every now and then

  • mine went at 9 then came back from 11 till 21 so think it's normal for it to come and go x

  • how many times did u throw up daily when you had morning sickness. I'm 12 weeks and 4 days and I throw up about 4 times a day still . I'm hoping that by 14 weeks I'll be better too 

  • Im sorry to say but, what the sisters friend says is true. I had a Missed MC and my morning sickness was atrocious in comparison to the usual. It really annoys me that the midwives say "morning sickness is a good sign" absolute crap.

    That said one day of sickness is not telling, it's linked to tiredness sometimes so if you have had a long day and not eaten much that's a bad combination. The placenta will be gearing up to take over so it's probably the last surges of hormones too image 

    this is pregnancy has been less in terms of sickness / nausea but I am almost 12 weeks and have just had a really bad few days. I had a scan at 9 weeks which showed a heartbeat (this was around the time the baby died last time) but I'm still nervous about my scan on Friday.

    try not to worry or read too much into morning sickness. With my first it was 14 weeks before the sickness went away... Lucky us eh image

  • I have been nothing but violently sick from around week 6 and i am now at week 10 nearly week 11 and i have been on anti sickness tablets 3 times a day,i lost so much weight so quickly it has evened off now to just being when i wake up and no matter what i eat or drink i am guaranteed to throw it back up so my diet has been very off for weeks. However i can eat in the afternoons and in the evenings mornings are still so much of a challenge lol. Anyone who doesn't get morning sickness i am uber jealous

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