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Talkback: Campaign to save traditional children’s games


  • Conkers are banned.Don't think they ever heard of bulldog or red rover.There used to be a teacher in reception when Bridie was there who played the old games like sticky toffee.Would be so nice if they played proper games at playtime.They come home talking about games where they run around shooting each other and attacking each other with missiles,probably cos they spend their free time playing computer games that do that.

    At infant school our dinner ladies used to organise the kids to play things like cat and mouse,in and out the dusty bluebells,what's the time Mr Wolf,I loved that one.

  • we werent allowed conkers or yoyos! Its sad, they complain how much kids are watching tv games etc but if its banned in school where they spend most of there time with lots of kids they wont suddenly do it at home!
  • british bulldog, red letter and polo were all banned when i was at school, no ball games, cycling to school wasnt advised as the bigger kids stole bikes, its no wonder theres a weight problem!
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