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Very very faint line on pregnancy test

i have done 5 cheap test ans i can see a very faint line on all of them but my boyfriend says he cant see it i asked a friend and she can see it he tells me to stop being silly its because i want it too much i missed last months period and still no signs off a period showing it has been almost 7 weeks since my last period .... What shall i do??


  • I cant really see anything they all look very dryed out after 10min mark its best to chuck them because they could be evap lines best to go docs for blood tests then youl definitely know x

  • Thatnks i was thinking about going the docs anyway because last year i had irregular periods thank you x

  • My first pregnancy I also had very faint lines. I took about three. It may sound gross, but if you hang on to the stick a couple days the faint line tends to get darker. That way youll be more sure.. But honestly if you see it even a little it's most likely positive. False negatives happen quite a lot, but false positives aren't so common. 

  • Thanks i still have them i'll keep them till tomorrow im goin to try another on monday then go the docs i think x

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    Hey what do you guys think? 

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