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implantation bleeding?


I have been throwing up almost every day since Friday. Saturday evening I went to the bathroom and I was bleeding, I guessed it was my period because I started getting cramps. but I had my period two weeks ago so I don't know why it would be back. it is now day 3 since I have been bleeding and I havent had any cramps since the first and I'm bleeding lightly and the blood is bright red.  had this happened to anyone? please let me know before I take a pregnancy test 


  • I did 3 home pregnancy tests one including a clear blue all came back positive 

    Went hospital they confirmed it

    Next morning started bleeding with cramping and a bit of stringy blood 

    Saturday went to a n e due to the pain they took a test came back negative 

    It's day 4 having Brown discharge and also took a test came back negative 

    But still getting cramping and breast tingling also tiredness 

  • Sounds like symptoms of early pregnancy 

    I would take one asap 

  • I had some spotting on january 4th and the next day it was a little bit more blood that was darker brown then it became more reddish during the day and I don't understand why is it my period i start january 8. But I conceived on my ovulation day without protection I'm confused and sad. 

  • If my period doesn't start till January 8th and I got spotting on January 4th and it became a little heavier but the blood was dark brown then it became redder during the day I'm confused I know I had unprotected sex on my ovulation day and I don't know whats going on.

  • Hi ladies. Hope all is well. 

    I have been ttc since August 2014. This month we have put so much effort into it. I finished my AF on  18th Jan. So been BDing on and off since then. 

    Anyways yesterday evening I noticed blood on tissue when I wiped myself and this morning a bit more blood. I'm not due AF for another 11 days and have never come on 2 weeks early. Anyone have any idea what it can be? Someone on another thread said implantation bleeding. I'm really hoping it is. 

    Anyone else have this? 

  • Wow, what a lot of symptoms! I wouldn't rule out pregnancy, as the nausea & cramps (a little) signal pregnancy. Bleeding can also happen in early pregnancy as the body's natural way to get rid of extra lining it doesn't need (usually from the side of the uterus that doesn't have the implanted egg). So, I wouldn't rule out pregnancy.

    I have had one pregnancy/miscarriage. It started out as 'some' bleeding around 8 wk. & then by 10 wk I was miscarrying. While blood in early pregnancy is NOT a sure sign of miscarriage, I would mind it & be careful (no sex, keep healthy, less stress, monitor w/physician) if you're seeing it. I was told by all the women I know & my doctors not to worry about the bleeding as it was normal, but for me it resulted in a miscarriage that if I had known was really possible before (15% of pregnancies end in miscarriage) I could have gotten on a progesterone supplement to try to save the pregnancy.

    Usually miscarriage is resultant of a problem with the egg/genes/attachment, & not indicative of anything the mother did. But mine was a light attachment & thin uterine lining---- in other words, if I had abstained from sex, taken progesterone supplement & took some time off work, I would've had a small chance of saving my pregnancy.

    Overall, don't over-worry about a miscarriage. Stressing about it only makes it more likely. And like I said, many women will bleed some during 1st trimester, especially towards start of pregnancy, as a means to rid the uterus of unnecessary or incorrectly attached lining before the cervix has too thick a plug.

    :) Good luck!

  • Wow thank you jazz bands. That's a very helpful answer.

    I've been clean since yesterday morning and no blood this morning so I'm hoping it was just the cleaning and getting rid of extra blood. It was only tiny amounts so I wasn't too worried. I have 10 days to do a pregnancy test according to the ovia app so will wait and see if I am pregnant. 


  • Good luck! When I had implantation bleeding, I also had a 'twinge' feeling in my left side (which later was shown to be the side that the egg attached to & the side of the ovary that probably ovulated. It was light pink colored, only enough to see when wiping after the bathroom throughout one day, about 2 weeks after my last occurring period! It just occurred to me to mention this, too. After that, I did not bleed again until I was miscarrying. Just some more info.!

    Wishing you the best of luck & the least pain possible! :)

  • Thank you jazz bands. I had really bad tummy pain on the left side on Tuesday. Don't know if it was actually ovulation or the pasta I had eaten. Hoping it was ovulation then I had light pink blood on Thursday and Friday morning only, only when I wiped too. Your info is really helpful. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Hoping you get a bfp soon too. 

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