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Bbt help?

Hi everyone!!! So this month I'm charting my bbt but a little confused to getting it accurate reading. I set my alarm for same time every morning to do if but sometime I wake a little earlier than alarm & mk half asleep half awake! But I don't want to test then as time is completely off. Am I the only one struggling with this?


  • imageHi, I am new on here and new to charting. I work nights so sometimes I take my temp at different times but always after at least 4 hours of sleep. this says I ovulated on cycle day 17 but I thought maybe led day 18. Is it normal to have a dip at 5dpo? Does it look like I ovulated? I did have ovulation pains on cycle day 18. Ttc #3 and praying I am ovulating after mirena removal 3 months ago please help 

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