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Talkback: Baby weekly meal planner - 7 months


  • Hi Mafalda,
    Thanks for the suggestion - making print friendly versions of this page is definitely on our list of things to do very soon as we know it doesn’t print very well. Sorry about that, but we're working on it!

  • Hi, i was told that we should continue to give one type of food for at least 4 continuous days to make sure that baby is not allergic to that food whereas In your above plan every day has a diiferent plan.. Pls advise whats right?
  • Hi Suman,
    The 'wait for 4 days before introducing new food' is quite old and outdated advice these days. The current thinking is that you should be aware when you're introducing new foods and watch for any signs of reaction but that it's fine to introduce new foods and tastes every day - this is talked about in our article here

    If you have a family history of allergies, then you may want to take a more careful approach with foods most likely to cause an allergic reaction - we list which foods these are here.

    We hope this info helps and good luck with the weaning!

  • Hi dear .. do u suggest to give my eon roughly every two hours once milk and after a meal and for lunch time u wrote milk + meal ..please can you explain more thanks
  • I'm confused by another post about 7 month weaning it says we should be introducing finger foods slowly but everything on this meal planner is pretty much pureed?
  • My babies schedule is roughly feed at 8am, 11am, 2pm, 6pm and half of a bottle at 8pm...sometimes with a 5am bottle thrown in.

    With your plan how long do you suggest waiting after a feed before you give breakfast and tea ?

    Im struggling to decide whether an 11pm lunch is too early or of a 2pm lunch is too late 🤨
  • Thank you for this!

    Is there a print friendly option?
  • Hi, can these recepies all be frozen in portions once made? Thanks
  • Hi @Hannahcain
    Thank you for your question. Some of the recipes can be frozen, they should have a little snowflake symbol on them to represent this. But, the best way to be sure is via checking the MadeForMums Weaning App (it's totally free to download from Google Play or Apple App Store) - they have all the info on what can and can't be frozen on each recipe within the app. 
    We hope this helps, 
    Dani @ MadeForMums
  • Omg amazing thanks so much i have downloaded it 🙂
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