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Talkback: No ridiculous ban on photos at school sports day


  • Our school [Pennard Primary School] on Gower, Swansea recently cited in a recent letter [June 2010] to parents:

    Parents are reminded that taking photographs at the schools sports day is not permitted.

    They did not give a reason for this ban!
  • Tricky isn't it. I think that to save themselves going mad, the schools need to have a basic trust that all the parents are trustworthy enough, unless proven otherwise, and then look at how the risks weigh up against the benfits

    At sports day the risk of letting people take photos is presumably that soem creepy parent takes photos of children in their sports tops and shorts, and posts them on the internet - or shares them with local creeps...

    The benefit is that parents get keepsakes of some of their children's proudest moments.

    Damn, now I'm confused. I thought it was an obvious answer in favour of letting people take photos, but the risk s so unpleasant, even though it's 1 in 10,000 sports days or whatever.

    Maybe schools should get proper photographers to do the photography, and let parents buy photos of their kids.

  • Every time I want to film or photograph my kids, whether its at the school athletics or if they are performing on a stage your told you cant! why not?? It's not like there are other kids walking around in skimpy costumes or naked, this is absolutely pathetic!

    We should be able to capture and keep these precious moments forever, without the fear of being stigmatized and frowned upon like we are some sort of paedophile.

    I am starting a campaign as we will have no memories of our children when they get older.

    Even when you do film or photograph other people look at you as if your some sort of pedophile.

    I think that we should challenge all schools and authorities who prevent us recording these precious memories of our loved ones.

    Please sign our petition;
  • The main reason photos are banned at childrens activities/schools is that there are child protection implications.  Children in care, refuges or adopted may have to maintain their anonimity.

    Photos of such children must not be published on social media sites, newspapers or openly shared with the general public in order that they are not found by anyone from their previous life.

    Our school has a notice up at school concerts stating that photos can be taken by parents but only for their own private use. I feel that is the way all schools should deal with it.

  • I feel strongly that parents/grandparents etc. should be able to freely photograph and video their own children taking part in these activities, and should not have to worry about other children being in the photos if the intended use is for family albums etc. However extreme care should be taken when posting such images on social networking sites etc. as other parents/carers may not be happy with images of their children being available on such sites for a variety of good reasons, including children being in care, in refuge etc. I don't readily post photos of my own child on Facebook etc. and would never post photos with other children in them unless I had permission from their primary carer; it is too easy for someone to let slip important information which could identify a child's location online.
  • So how do you tackle the kids themselves then? My daughter (15) as well as most of her friends take pictures of each other at school all the time, then they out them on their Facebook accounts. You will never stop kids being kids!

    The world has gone mad, paranoia setting it everywhere.
  • I think (as a PE teacher) its a real shame if parents can't take pictures of their children on sports days or at other school events. I take loads of pictures of my twins aged 19 months and when they start school i would love to be able to photograph important events in their life that take place there as a lovely memento for the future.

  • Hooray for common sense,we don't see much of that these days
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