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Questions on Irregular periods and Ovulation!

I have been off of any form of BC for a year now. Fiancée and I havent been actively trying until this "cycle". I finally had a period at the beginning of June (3rd-8th) that was my first period since October-ish. We had the baby talk this past weekend, and agreed to actively try! Got some ovulation tests today, took one and the test line is faint but there, hoping this means ovulation is approaching?! I'll test again in the morning. Also got preseed to try. My concern is, how difficult is it to figure out when your ovulating when you don't get your period regularly? Will I still ovulate monthly? HELLLLLP.


  • Hi!

    Ovulation tests are different from pregnancy tests, and are not positive unless the test line is as dark as, or darker than the control line. Some women (like me) will get a faint line through the month as we always have some of the lh hormone in our systems throughout our cycle. Other ladies will only ever have one line until just before they ovulate. Some will only have one line and a second will start to appear and get progressively darker as they get nearer to ovulation. I've even found for me that it varies depending on what brand of test I am using.

    here's mine through to cycle day 14, the last one what I call the 'beginning' of a positive


    And here is mine today, cycle day 15, a clear and very strong positive


    Hope this helps! I also recommend charting your basal body temperature, I've found it to be very accurate and helpful for confirming ovulation, but it wont give you advance warning  so I use both together

  • MISSKIWI I read some stuff on the tests not working for all woman and about the faint lines. I just more concerned about whether or not I'm ovulating where my cycles are so long. 

  • The only way you can know that for sure is doing the charting with your basal body temperature or having blood tests at the doctor, 

  • You can ovulate without having a period, the difficulty that comes with it is not having a precise date for pregnancy until the dating scan.

    My cycles used to be anything from 21-32days long & I am now 18wks pregnant with twins (naturally conceived so you can imagine our surprise). Never say never 😉

  • I'm just hoping I get my period again so I can have a better prediction. Anyone know of a way to get your period to be more regular without BC? 

  • Agnus castus seems to be very popular and seems to work very well, its also known as vitex (chaste tree)

  • Is it over the counter???

  • Yep from the health food store, its a natural supplement

  • Awesome thank you! I'll give that a try. I've been so anxious for the time we decided to TTC. Back in 2011 I had a miscarriage and am dying to start our little family. Just very paranoid that it's going to be difficult for me to get pregnant. But I think between vitex, ovulation strips and preseed we have a good chance! Feeling very positive! 

  • I'm also very paranoid about the same thing, I understand! Lots of baby dust and good luck to you!

  • You too! Thank you!

  • UPDATE: I bought vitex but haven't gotten around to taking it yet. However! I was experiencing mild cramping and what not the past few days, it stopped today, went to the bathroom checked my CM sorry to be TMI, and it was egg white like, I did a happy dance considering my body DOESNT like to regulate itself. Took two ovulation tests and they were positive!!!!!! NEVER happens this close together. So hunny and I did the BD and plan to everyday. :) fingers crosses we get pregnant this cycle! Im just so over the moon that ovulation is working itself out! image

  • Hi! When did you take that ovulation test? To me it looks ALMOST positive but not quite! If that was today it may be positive tomorrow. So dont stop bding whatever you do!

  • Or you may have ovulated already and now its on its way back to negative again. Keep doing that baby dance until you are sure! Good luck hun

  • I took it yesterday, from what I've been reading the LH surge happens 14-24 hours BEFORE ovulation. Just took another test this morning, waiting for the results. (I'm in the US) The one above is definitely positive. My instructions say it could be slightly lighter by a little bit for the strips I have. 

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