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Implantation or Period?!

Ok for starters, my cycles normally go for 35-40 days. On cycle day 26 I started to spot for two days (not enough for a pad) with no cramping what so ever. Normally I cramp and have sore nipples up until my period arrives. I've taken 3 hpt's and they were all negative. I dont chart, temp, ect. 

I have not had any symptoms but slight headaches.

Just curious has anyone had implantation with negative test and then turned out positive. 


  • Sorry if that's not much to go by. But I would really love to know other's experience with implantation.

  • I never had implantation bleed with my first 2 but third time I did I got a faint positive test then negative but I'm nearly 12 weeks now so it's was a definite positive. Can I ask how long after the spotting did u test because I waited 6 days after and after I got the faint positive i waited another 4 days and got a big fat positive so maybe wait a little longer as u have long cycles then test again as if it's only just implanted you probably won't have enough hcg to get a positive yet 

  • I tested 2 days after, 3 days after, and then 6 days after. ALL negative. I'm starting to believe it was a really early short period.

  • If u wait until ur normally due on and it doesnt show test again like I said could just be to early to show up as positive if u are 

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