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Ovulation strips!

Hello everyone so im new to trying ovulation strips and i got a  faint line for the test section. I know its a negative but should my ovulation be near since the test line is faint? should it get darker soon? 


  • Hey I also have the same question!

    hoping someone can help.... faint lines for last 3 days, i have attached!

    mine are from tesco own brand, similar to yours?! Xxximageimage

  • Yes it means your ovulation day is coming. You should still be having sex before ovulation day though to make sure there are sperm inside you before the egg is even released from your ovary. My doctor said sperm can live for three or four days inside you so having sex in the days leading up to ovulation day well as on the day itself is much more likely to get you pregnant than if you only have sex on what you think is ovulation day.

  • Hey Scribble thanks so much for your reply!

    so definitely looks like something is happening and ovulation should be soon?! I've looked up so much and ended up feeling very confused about the whole matter!

    some have said if it's a line but faint it means nothing so this is reassuring?! xxx

    i don't seem to have any other ovulation symptoms yet but I have everything crossed for a darker line tomorrow! xx

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