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Hi ladies.

I have pcos and was very over weight so i didnt have a period for over 10yrs. I have since jan lost 6 stone and the past 4/5 months had a period. My doc tested to see if i am ovulating and the first 2 months came back negative. How ever last month the test came back was likely. I was due to ovulate over a week ago and took an ovulation test during this time and few days either side which came back as negative. I have been taking my body temp and noticed yesterday it jumped from 34.9 to 36.0 i took a ovulation test lastnight and a 2nd line appeared but about half the darkness as the test line. I have done another test thismorning and the same result. I am a little confused as im due for a period in 2 days. Can someone please give me some advice? Many thanks


  • Once your temp goes up, ovulation has already happened.... it's best to do a couple a day during the lead up and temp so you can detect your surge.... looks like you are now in the 2ww... good luck 

  • Thank you luckily me and the boyfriend done the bd on monday night as also lastnight when i see the test show to 2 lines. I guess ill have to wait and see if my period arrives this weekend or not image

  • It will be 2 weeks from ovulation until your next period.... anything from 10-16 days between ovulation and period is normal.... that's why it's called the 2ww... thhe time between OV and AF never changes so if you ovulate late, then your period will be later... I OV on different days so am anything between 26-28 day Cycles

    fingers crossed 

  • This is what has thrown me,  i tested during my ovulation window and day it was negative just 1 line. And now 2 day before my period is due to start i get 2 lines and a jump in body temp... I think my body just likes to play games with me lol x

  • Ahhhhh I see..... I always get positive sticks just before my period too.... so it could be your AF or a delayed ovulation... Just a waiting game am afraid now.

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