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Fertile window?

I had unprotected sex yesterday morning (4th December) which if I have calculated right, this is my Fertile window! This morning, I have a thick mucous when I wipe (stringy, sorry) is it better to have sex before ur ovulation date as it seems today is my ovulation day with the thick mucous? Please help, thanks!


  • Hi,

    You should try and have sex every day or at least every other day during your fertile window to increase the chance of getting pregnant. That includes ovulation day itself and the day after (maybe even the day after that!!)

  • The 4 days before you ovulate you are are very fertile and should have egg white mucus thin and stretchy!!

    Your best chances are those 4 days and the day of ovulation:)

    Myself and hubby just babydance every other day throughout First 1/2 of cycle from when after AF finishes until I get a positive OPK but we keep it fun 😉

    Good luck 🍀

  • Thank you for your comments! I guess I m just being hopeful as hubby now away so only the once this month for having sex in Fertile window :( just hoping timing been ok,with mucous this morning and boobs very tender :(

  • Everything's crossed for you 😊

  • Thank you, I am so impatient, would love to start a family x

  • I already have 3 aged 13,10 & 5 they are my absolute world, then we decided on a 4th!!

    I lost my little boy at 22 weeks pg and then had a further 3 miscarriages:/ I'm so glad I started my family at 26 I'm now 39 and my body is misbehaving! All my fertility tests came back normal though so I'm determined!!

    You'll get your beautiful family very soon xxx

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