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Talkback: The Lush lotion hailed as a 'miracle' toddler sleep cure


  • Sorry, I see it was first reported in the DM. It must be true!
  • I suffer from 2 chronic illnesses and often struggle to sleep because of the pain in my muscles and joints. Massaging lavender oil into my skin and putting lavender oil onto my pillow really helps me to sleep. Not sure wether it's worth paying for this cream or not. I buy lavender oil from the body shop. Lasts ages and I'm sure it works out cheaper if you are using it every day.
  • Lavender is a known allergen, use with caution!
  • Didn't make a jot of difference for my daughter's sleep - she still wakes as much as before. The cream smells nice though and the act of massaging it in helps to relax her at bedtime.
  • Sponsored by 'lush' any chance?
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