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Very faint line. HELP!

I took a pregnancy test and when you glance at it, it looked like a total negative. I kept looking and I saw a very faint line. It's nit noticeable unless you hold it right and have the right light. We opened a new pregnancy test and we saw a faint line on the not used one to. Is it normal for a non used pregnancy test to already have an existing line? 


  • imageMy line is super light as well ... not too sure what to think of it 

    am i imagining the second line or can u see it too??

  • I can see a 2nd line Teebj. Do another in 2 days, see if the lounge is getting darker.

  • Lounge! Obviously I meant line!

  • Hi Hayley all tests already have the 2nd line it's just they only react to the dye if HCG is present in your urine (if PG) that will give them a definite colour pink or blue:) If it's a grey colour that's normally an evaporation line.

    Ive not looked at an unused test in the light but I know ladies that have held First Response tests up to natural light and can see the second line already!

    Good luck if it's indeed your BFP test again in 48 hours and the second line should be more definite with colour:)

    Good luck 🍀🍀🍀

  • image

    Hi guys please look at my PT .. it has a faint line, then I got excited so took another one with the same brand (dollar PT) but it came negative so i bought 2 more , 1 is a dollar pregnancy test that you can buy at walmart and 1 is equate digital .. all came back negative.. i dont know why I got a faint line on my first test but negative on all 3 you think i tested to early or its just an evaporated line? 

  • imageimage

    I’m in the same boat what would u say am I pregnant or not 

  • imageA more clearer one

  • Okay so i'm late for my period and so i took a test today and the test showed a very faint line and me and my friend did not know if we were just sicking our selfs out so i'm posting it on here to get some advice and option i aslo took another clear blue to see how many weeks but it came back not pregnant so dose that mean im just too earl i really need some help imageimageimageimageimageimageimage

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