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Do I have line eyes.. xx


I am currently 6 days late and feel awful... I have so many different signs going on but after 3 years of trying I think I have had every possible ‘sign’ and never had a bfp.

I have taken so many tests over the last few days and some look like they have a v v v v faint line and then others nothing at all.

Just did this superdrug one and wondered if you girlies can see anything please. 

Sending you all so much baby dust xxx

Thank you so much in advance xximage


  • I also took this one but don’t think i can see anything and so wary of blue dyes xximage

  • I can't really see anything. It could be some evap lines. What dpo are you?

  • Thats ok hun.. thank you for looking x 

    I dont know how my dpo i am as i stopped tracking a while ago as it was just making me so stressed.. I haven’t done any pregnancy tests either for months its only cos i am late i thought i would test.. must just be af messing me around x Baby dust to you xx

  • Oh girl... stay positive! xx You've waited long enough already! 

    I didn't get BFP until 6 days after AF was due.

    Fingers crossed it will happen soon xxx

  • Oh thank you. Thats so amazing you got your bfp, lets hope mine comes later like yours too :)

    Did you feel like AF was coming when you waited for your bfp?


  • I did :) don't lose hope :)

    Are you on fertility treatment?

  • Thank you lovely x Nope not on any treatemn as the doctors did all the tests and its come back unexplained infertility.. so couldn’t be offered anything to help.. but next stage will be going to see an IVF specialist and don’t feel ready for that just yet but probably will get to that point x

    So amazing you have your bfp though.. when are you dueimagexx

  • Oh I really do hope you will get pregnant soon xx :) 

    I'm only 6 wks. Previous pregnancy ended in miscarriage so I really do hope that this time will be better

  • Thank you so much lovely :)

    Oh hun Im so sorry to hear of your loss, I have everything crossed for you and your little miracle :) xx

  • Thanks x

    All the best to you too :)

    If you have any tests left check again tomorrow. The line might get darker! :)

  • Oh thank you hun.. AF arrived in the night... I don’t think it will ever hsppen.. but thank you for your support x

    I wish you all the best and have everything crossed for your little miracle :) xxx

  • Oh hun, I bet it will happen when you don't even expect it xx

    good luck with everything and don't lose hope :)

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