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A little online diary of my progression

Because I feel like I need to jot stuff down, or I'll go insane.

This month, I got an ultrasound done. 2cm follicular ovarian cyst, and an abnormally thick endometrium. That was 5 days before ovulation.

1dpo: nothing

2dpo: stuffy nose. Translucent CM upon cervical finger swipe. Bits of white chunks on occasion. Lotionlike.

3dpo: stuffy nose, same CM.

4dpo: stuffy nose, same CM - a little drier.

5dpo: same. Occasional, rare queasiness upon empty stomach.

6dpo: abdominal twinges, like strained muscles. Stuffy nose. Parched throat.

7dpo: same. Sharp pains in left uterus, subsides within an hour. Same cm. BFN.

8dpo, current: Cramps subside by early morning. Same CM. Hunger. Testing in 3 days.


  • 9dpo:

    CM continues. Noticed an increase during the day, sharp decline overnight.  If I'm not moving, I don't produce a lot - or at least none is coming out.

    Twinges continue. More like something kneading on me from the inside. Not painful. Like ... a muscle stretch?


    Not ill. Craving vegetables. Stuffy nose residing. Not sore. Been more difficult to wake lately. Exhausted the moment I'm done eating.

    Lower teeth are ringing.

    DH squeezed a nipple and the pain lingered like a sunburn. 

  • Update: Wtf, one boo is bigger than the other?

    This is new.

    I definitely would have noticed this before.

    Also noticed little white dots. Maybe they were there the whole time, IDK. But they took me by surprise this morning.

    No tenderness or soreness to speak of.

    And the gentle kneading in my abdomen continues.

  • 10dpo:

    CM still the same. A bit of acne. Slight twinge across the left breast.

    Faint positive line on a ClearBlue test. Will check again tomorrow.

    Craving food. Constant hunger and thirst. Stuffy nose. Parched. 

  • Hi!


    Mind you, it's not abundant by any means. I have to finger sweep for it.

    CM, 7dpo:


    CM,  10dpo:


  • 11-12dpo.

    Pinches in my abdomen. Dreading the possibility of AF coming over uninvited. But cervix is high and ... softish? Medium? CM is still the same.

    Holding off on POAS until tomorrow, when AF is due. Not spotting, but will keep an eye out.

  • Hi what did you mean by bottom teeth Ringing lovely? Xx

  • Hi!

    My bottom, right front tooth began to throb. One day only. Then for two days my teeth felt gritty. Grimey, no matter how much I brushed them. 

    A day ago, my gums bled upon flossing. They haven't in a year.

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