Cervix Doing Something Odd?

So I had my period on 10/20 and ovulated 11/3. I’m now 5 days before my next period and my cervix is doing something weird. Three days ago, it went pretty firm and was getting lower, then the following day it was really soft and VERY wet. It is still soft and very wet. Ideas? Could it mean that I conceived? I plan on testing on Friday (1 day before my period). My period is due on Saturday/Sunday.


  • Are you having any more symptoms? I'd recommend not touching your cervix if you suspect being pregnant. It increases your risk for infections and also it can make your cervix to dilate. 

  • I’m pretty tired and a wee nauseous but I also have some kind of bug so I’m not sure if the nausea is coming from that or a pregnancy 

  • Actually I had cold both times :) that was my first symptom, my immunity being low :) good luck hun xx

  • Hi Momma56, 

    My LMP was also on 10/20 and ovulated on 11/02 on the same day my first IUI was done. As u said planning to take test on Friday that is one day prior my expected date. 

  • Hi momma56, have you taken any UPT?

  • I have and it was a bfn. I’m hoping it’s just because my levels aren’t high enough yet.

  • Thats True Momma56, Even i have not tested. My GP has advised me a Beta-HCG on 22nd of this month. My due date for AF is tommorow.

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