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The Due in November 2018 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

November will be here before we know it, so we thought it was time for the members of the Due in November 2018 Birth Club, to have your own special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and coo all over your baby pictures. 

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!



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    Hi all, 

    I haven’t been here for a while because I was not feeling very well. I was up for 4 hours/night due to feeling nauseous/generally bad. Then on 16th I had really bad afternoon so went for a check-up in the hospital, got IV against nausea and then back home as there were no signs of labour. 

    Not much going on on my due date either, but the following Wednesday all started to go wrong. 

    On Wednesday 21st I had nice morning and early afternoon, however, around 4-5pm I started to feel bit down so I told myself I will go shower and try to get some sleep afterwards. I could not fall asleep though, I was feeling nauseous (no throwing up though), my belly did hurt (not in a labour progressive/relative way) and my head hurt. I went on to watch some telly after being in bed for 3h with no sleep and then back to bed. I started to feel pressure in my chest, and that reminded me I had that feeling last Friday when I had higher blood pressure so I went to check it. It was 160/110 (I generally have 115/75) so I was like, ok maybe I am stressed that I am past my due date, so I tried to calm myself down in any possible way, in one hour of thinking positive, laying down doing nothing my BP was 180/110.. I knew this could be very wrong as it was for longer than 2h that I had higher BP so I texted consultant at our hospital who was ob duty that night if I should come over of if it is normal.. he told me to come so I woke up hubby and off we went, they checked the little one’s heartbeat on CTG and all was good, there were some tightenings but weak so not anything like starting labour, nor cervix was  ready, but the doc said that I should be hospitalised just in case, so I spent the night in the labour suite not sleeping, having bp of 150-160/110-100. In the night an internist came to check the pain in chest but as my EKG was good it was not heart related so she said it is probably from back. I haven’t slept all night, I was feeling very bad with all the belly pain, nausea and chest pain. In the morning the senior consultant said I would stay hospitalised to have me checked, at that time I was starting to feel like fainting in addition to everything. I was supposed to have my breakfast and then be moved to perinatology unit, but I was unable to eat my breakfast and I knew that is a bad sign so I called my mum saying this is wrong, I am feeling very bad. She was coming to the hospital with my dad (both doctors) that day so they could talk to the senior consultant. My dad came to see me at the unit and then went on to talk to the consultant, who said they will do my bloods again in 12h, however my dad said I do not look very well so they should do them sooner and luckily they did. Meanwhile my mum came over around lunchtime and I was able to eat some soup, have a bit of sleep, but I was still feeling very bad and I that was only getting worse and I was feeling bad even when laying down. She saw I am in a really bad state, but she went away to work. Around 4pm she came back saying my bloods are horrible, I am getting c-section that eve, although the senior consultant does not know yet 😂 at 5pm he came down saying that it is c-sec and that I will be monitored at labour ward from now until it as we had to wait for another blood results. So I went on there, the little lady was still doing just perfect and then the results came back and finally at 6pm I had c-section. I had middle stage HELLP syndrome, with very low trombocyte count, so it was a life threatening condition. When I fully woke up at 10pm it was suck a relief. Although I had large cut thriugh belly, was feeling achy and all it was complete improvement to how I was feeling 24h before. 

    It was complete drama, but we are doing just fine at home now. Due to low trombocytes I had a bigger bleed on right side under my scar so that still hurts a lot, but my bloods, BP and liver function is almost back to normal. We are solely breastfeeding, she had amazing latch since the moment one when I had her on Friday afternoon ☺️

    Here is our little Adaline Della 💜 born 22/11/ weighting 3370g (7lb7oz) and measuring 53 cm 

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