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Talkback: 21 amazing facts about your pregnant body


  • Also if your heart grows during pregnancy, go to the doctor, this is a serious condition. If in any case your heart should beat faster, trying to pump the blood around your body, giving oxygen and nutrients to your organs and baby. Please, if your heart enlarges during pregnancy check it out.
  • some points in this article are incorrect, number 8 is the main one that I know for sure is wrong. The reason why a pregnant woman would have to use the bathroom to urinate more is because of the increased production of the toxin urea, that is being produced by the baby and the mother, so the mother will have twice the amount of urea to get rid of so she will be using the bathroom more. Because Urea is filtered through the kidneys and then is stored in the bladder.

    Your baby doesn't get food before you, they get nutrients that they need, about the same time as you, the blood would treat your baby as another organ in your body, and will supply it with the nutrients it needs and take away the toxins that need to be released.

    For SOME women not all, most women and young girls have a line running down the center of their stomach, it is not proven that one appears after pregnancy, or that it darkens. But for those who claim, all women have it, it is just more noticeable when it darkens.

    You may breathe deeper because of the need for oxygen, not because of your uterus enlarging. Your uterus is not going to grow large enough to reach your lungs, this is just common sense.
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