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The dreaded Zika

Hi all, 

So, me and my H are travelling to the Caribbean in July, and we really want to start TTC. The travel advice has now changed from 6 months to 3 months, however just wondering if anyone had fallen pregnant before the 6 month/3 month window was up?

Obviously we do not want to risk it at all, however I am so worried it will never happen and I will never conceive. I am even having second thoughts about travelling as I want it so bad. Its now getting to the point I'm feeling depressed about it. 

Thank you in advance and I'm sorry to unleash the devil that's eating me inside.



  • I just got back from Mexico and there has been no cases there for absolutely years apparently. Even the Thomas cook reps said that as well as locals. Although it is advertised everywhere in England as high risk. We didnt even see one mozzi x
  • Hi Misselgee24, thank you for replying. 

    That gives me hope! 

    We have travelled to the Caribbean every year for many years now, and even since the zika became such a big thing. We have never been and had any of the symptoms, every hotel we have ever stayed at always spray either every morning or every night.

  • Yeah hotels are pretty on the ball tbf. Just wear loads of mozzie spray and mozzie band just incase. But like I said, we didnt see one mozzie anyway. We got back 2 weeks ago x
  • Thank you, fingers crossed! 
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