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Anyone else in the 2WW?



  • @Mommaof2:)  Have you tested again? I am 11dpo today. I think you are as well, aren't you? or is 10dpo? Should I, shouldn't I test? I promised to myself that I will wait. AF is due in a few days' time anyway...
  • Hey I am currently 10dpo I ovulate on Saturday n Sunday the 27 and 28 of April did the baby dance on Monday had a lot of cramps bloating n sleeping last week not to many symptoms this week tested this morning with a BFN ☹️Af due on the 13
  • @Brooksmom You are 2 days behind me then. :) I haven't tested yet. Did you use FRER, Clear Blue? 10dpo might be too early to show an accurate result. 

  • Does anybody have mild cramping on n off through out the day?
  • @Brooksmom FRER is pretty accurate, but 10dpo still might be early. I have been having mild cramps and different places to the PMS cramp. I felt sick at the weekend, but that has gone. Breast felt heavier today though, but it could just be sign of AF is coming. This morning checked BBT; it was 37 Celsius Degrees- shouldn't it be 36.8 if I am not pregnant?!? Who knows? I don't like this symptoms spotting stage... 2 more days and I will know. ;) 
    What other symptoms have you noticed @Brooksmom?
  • Cramping crying sleeping a lot n eating alot
  • Good morning having bad nausea this morning nasty taste
  • @Brooksmom It might too early to test. Wait a few more days, I would say.
  • I have just started the 2ww... So far keeping obsession to a minimum. I don't know how long this will last... Any tips ladies? 
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