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Can an evap line be pink?

I tested this morning with FMU on a FRER test and I got a very very faint line mainly visable in person and is pink to the naked eye too.. could this be a evap I'm on 10dpo I'm due on in 3 days according to one app but then the other app says 8 days till period so not actually sure about when AF will arrive.. I DTD on Monday and had a small amount of blood after then nothing since and went really really dizzy last night at work so decided to take a test this morning. got impatient so used the same wee that had been sat for about 40mins with another FR but it wasn't as dark but still there is it coincidence to get 2 evap?

1st one is on its own then it's the bottom one in the second pic.. top test Is the second test..


  • I'm afraid I can't see anything on those tests. I'd retest in 2 days time, if there is a line then there will be a really obvious line in a couple of days.
  • it's defo there it's just not showing the pic properly on here lol I'm going to test again in 2 days x
  • I don't think evap lines have color. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure if it's pink you got it. I also can't see it but the pic quality after uploading on here isn't the greatest. Please test again tomorrow or next day and let us know!!
  • Evaporation line or BFP , didn’t see for hours later took another dollar store test faint line after hour or so. Took first response negative??? Any ideas
  • @tyfaison11 Tests aren’t valid after a few mins, so I wouldn’t go off those lines. On my pregnancy tests, it says they aren’t valid after 5 mins so waiting an hour or more isn’t going to be a valid result 

  • What about these ones 
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