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I am looking some advice please. I am waiting for HSG appointment but unsure of whether to wait for NHS in northern Northern Ireland or whether to go private. Has anyone had any experience with this that they could advise?


  • Hi, I pay privately for my treatment partly because I am
    36 and feel like I am running out of time and partly because I am
    impatient and think NHS would take too long.

    my friend is going through the same thing and she is doing it through NHS. I wouldn’t say there are any differences in quality of treatment etc other than the wait time xxx 
  • Thank you @Kazam2817. I went for my initial consultation privately and had scans private but they have advised I can do this scan through NHS just down to cost but I'm in 2 minds. Wondering about saving pennies encase it's needed more later on but same time the wait is driving me mad 🤦 xx
  • I totally understand how you feel, hopefully your appointment comes through soon xxx
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