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So let me get right into it. I have 2 boys but was told before they were born that I may have PCOS. Never did any test to confirm bc I was getting pregnant so I thought no worries. Now I'm 7 years in and still not pregnant. I'm 29. Always had irregular periods (my first one came at 10 and then they would come every 3 months). They recently checked my hormones and everything came back normal. Cyst on right ovary but not considered a 'polycystic' one. Only symptoms is irregular periods, overweight and I'm a bit hairy but it could be genetics bc my Dad is part werewolf 😅. I'm so frustrated bc I thought I would get a clear reason why my periods are so sporadic. There's no rhyme or reason for them. They come or don't or I spot for months at a time it sucks! Anyway has anyone had an issue where hormones and ovaries are normal yet can't explain why your periods are wonky??? What did you take? Can it be something other then PCOS? I still want to try for a baby but at this point I just want a regular period 😭. 


  • Hi, I have PCOS too. My fertility doctor started me on Metformin to regulate my cycle and I have been on it for almost 2 months now. Have you tried talking to a fertility doctor or your gynecologist? 
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