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Due to start Clomid in October 2019.

Hi Ladies, 

i am 26 and been with my partner for 12 years. He is 27. I was on the injection pill when I was 16-19 but that’s the only ever birth control I have used.  We have never tried for a baby until now but I still have never fallen pregnant.  I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2016, and then put on Metformin 1000mg daily last July. I really helped regulate my cycles. Before taking these I’d have a period every 5 weeks but then all of a sudden go 65 days without one then it’d go back to 5 weeks again, so anyway my periods now come roughly every 33-40 days. Never longer than that. So there was me thinking I must be ovulating because my periods are coming around the same time every month, I was doing OPKs and getting two lines but was never as dark as the test line so that was always negative. I started to worry so my gyno sent me for all bloods, which come back fine my day 21 twice come back as level 15 & 24 and he said anything over 10 indicates ovulation.  But the last 2 months of day 21 my levels have been 1.9 & 2.9 :( so my gyno said my ovarys have become ‘lazy’. So has prescribed me with Clomid. My partners semen has been tested. He’s count and mortility was fine but morphology (shape) was 3.5 and they like it to be 4% considered ‘normal’ but they said because everything else is fine they aren’t to worried, and he is taking lots of vitamins as am I.   I’m going on holiday September so going to start the Clomid in October, quite anxious as it’s made it all real for me that I do need help to TTC when everyone else around me gets pregnant with a click of a finger. But praying the Clomid works, I’ll be starting off with 50mg on days 2-6. Positive thoughts 🤞🏻 And have seen a lot of success stories with Clomid so this makes me happy. Has anyone else been in/in my situation and had success stories. Please let me know.  Thank you xxxx


  • I’m following your story I’m in the same boat apart from I need to start a tablet to bring on my period and after then I’ll be able to start my clomid tablets x
  • Hiya, Iv finished my first cycle of Clomid now and got my first positive opk last weekend, but I have been trackin my temp to and my temp dipped and then went high again but has dipped again now so don’t think I ovulated, think my body geared up to hense the positive opks but my ovarys didn’t release an egg.  I could be wrong though. Cd21 bloods will confirm next week.  When do you get the tablets to bring your period on?x
  • I’ve just started on more this Teton was I haven’t had a period for 5 months I was told my period should come 3 days after my last tablet and then to take my clomid on the 2-6th day I here people take them 3-7 and 5-9 I’m unsure what the difference is when did you take yours? 
  • Ah okay!  I’m not sure what the difference is either. I took mine on days 2-6.    I had my peak opk last weekend but think it was just a surge as Iv just done another Cb digital and Iv got a flashing smiley face!   Better get BD’ing again 🤣
  • Haha. I hear some people say the CB digital are more accurate I haven’t used them in the past I’ve only used the strips I’m thinking maybe I should go and buy some ready, have you noticed much change in your temperature? 
  • Yeah I think they are because you get one little stick thing and you Change the bit you wee on and it says that that stick (the monitor thing) gets used to your own personal cycle. 

    I did have a dip and then it rise again but then it’s dipped again so I obvs didn’t ovulate last weekend my body just geared up to and failed so now it’s trying to again. 
  • Ah that sounds good where did you get yours from if you don’t mind me asking? 

    Aww I keep my fingers crossed for you. X
  • I got mine from Superdrug. X 

    thankyou, good luck to you too x
  • Sorry to be a pain lol was it the clear blue connected digital think it’s showing up at £50 I’ve just come across a lot sorry might just be me been thick x
  • Your not a pain x 

    I got these ones x 

  • Aww that’s great Thankyou so much x 
    I’ll take a look for those ones now x
  • @Queenbee96 how are you getting along with clomid? what cycle are you in?
  • Hiya hun, I’m on day 15th of my cycle. I did days 2-6 on clomid made me really emotional and a bit tired I took them at 11am in the morning. When I come off then I bought the clearblue connected. I was told that you usually ovulate between day 5 and 10 of your last pill and I never seen that flashing smiley face until 1 hour ago, I’m just waiting for the still smiley face now. Me and the other half have been doing the deed every other night and once I get the still smiley we will do it both nights. I’ve had a few pains in my lower stomach which I think are possibly the eggs getting ready to be released xx
  • what round of clomid are you on? i remember maybe you started in oct, is it?
  • Yeah it’s my first cycle as I only started on the 24th October xx
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