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bath time / shower question?

ok, well, my lo HATES the bath with a passion, it sounds like i'm killing him and to be honest i dread doing it as i feel i am knowingly torturing the poor thing. anyway i know a few of you have had trouble with this and i have been considering taking him in the shower with me (don't have a big bath- really missing it now) obviously i'd need to be careful with the temperature and his head but was just wondering if anyone had tried this and what they thought?
it really is a last resort as i have tried everything with the bath, deep, shallow, on belly, on back, in nappy, morning, evening, practically in the bath with him, bouncing his feet in and out (he loves this on my lap just not on water) letting him play with water in a bowl with his hands, nothing seems to work. i think just holding him really close to me may work and as i don't have a bath thought shower may be worth a shot, any opinions? thanks :\?


  • Hi, we have taken my little one into the shower with my hubby when he has done an explosive poo in the morning lol! We thought he would hate it but didn't mind at all, even didn't bother him getting water in his eyes!

    As you say you need to make sure the water is an ok temperature and don't be in with them for long as they are more likely to get cold.

    Have you tried bathing him in a bucket? I know it sounds daft but I have read a few people who have tried that and their los much prefer it to a bath. x
  • Never tried showering with lo but I've been tempted to hose him down in the shower sometimes after explosive poo!! I think I'd be worried about a wet soapy wiggly baby though -thats the only thing. Is your shower big enough to put a bath seat on the floor maybe and shower him that way?
  • Do what you have to do!!!

    My cousin has never bathed,only showered her 2 boys and no harm done there.

    As long as he is safe (as Kia says-not too soapy and wiggly!) i dont see that there is anything wrong with this idea.

    I used to bath my eldest in a washing up bowl when she was little because she hated baths too. Absolutely loved the bowl though! Saying that, i may just have a wierd child?!?!

    Good luck

  • Hi, we have taken my little one into the shower with my hubby when he has done an explosive poo in the morning lol! x

    I feel sorry for your poor hubby! :lol:

  • lol its a a good excuse to get both of the mucky pups in the shower to be honest!! =)
  • Great excuse Liz! I got hubby to bath with Cole last night as he said he needed a shower when he got home from work so I said he might as well get in the bath otherwise he'd never get round to it. Hubby was a bit horrified as the only time Cole has been in the bath with me he pooed everywhere!
  • lol boys huh!! =) x
  • wow thats some hubby lizb even me as the mummy i dont fancy getting in the shower with a pooped on baby heehee! and kia, oh dear that must hasve been horrid!
    tried shower - not good! didn't make a blind bit of difference that he was in my arms, he still hated the water grr! ill try wash up bowl next but dont know if it would be any different from sink! thanks for the comments though., here's hoping next time works
  • Just a thought - have you tried a bath seat? We've had Cole on one of those rigid plastic ones since he was about 4 weeks old I think it was and it was great. He's outgrown it now cause he keeps trying to fling himself off it so today I bought him one of the sitting upright seats and it seemed to be ok today in the bath.

    waiting4baby - it wasn't that bad.. he was only little so it wasn't a lot of poo. I just pulled the plug and gave Cole to hubby to wash in the sink while I showered! The water turned a foul colour though!
  • yuck i can imagine!
    well i might try a seat thing thanks, not sure it will work though. this morning i was holding lo in one hand whilst i turned the shower on ready for myself (takes a while to heat up, dont have a fancy electric one heehee!) anyway he went mad and i wasn't even putting him near the water he was fully clothed and well out of it, may have caught a few splashes but you'd think i was trying to drown him! think i'm going to be in for a long ride! lol!
  • I'm so forgetful..I keep missing bits off posts..

    Also wanted to suggest - have you seen those sticky thingys you can get to put on the bottom of the bath for grips? We have some of those on the side of the bath for Cole to see (fish and octopus) so that he has something to look at. Would a distraction like that help at all??

  • We have one of those plastic seats too and Bren loves it, means he feels very secure and can have a real good splash around. x
  • ok, tried the sink, no better than any of the other things i've tried, i don't think the sticky grips would work as he can't see at the moment so i would imagine even if very textured they wouldn't do much for him. All that's left is the seat and if that doesn't work i think i'm just going to have to wash him on the changing mat instead! how to get out of having a bath hey! thanks for all the tips though, perhaps we'll go full circle in a couple of months and he'll decide he likes one of them 5th time around! LOL,

    love the pic lizb, still haven't managed to get one up of mine, i will eventually - i hope!
  • My little girl hated her baths - it was the bath seat that did the trick. Do you think its the sound of water thats freaking him if he can't see? What about taking him swimming so hes in a big bath with you? Can't think of anything else - not being must use. Good luck x
  • Oh I'm such a moron..suggesting about stuff for your lo to look at!!

    Have you tried bathing with his vest on maybe - perhaps he feels a bit insecure with nothing on. i seem to remember that working for someone on here at some point
  • kia don't worry about it, sort of thing i'd do myself! kerry, i had thought it might be the sound of the water but fortunately it's not - can you imagine the hysterics i'd get everytime i went to make myself a cuppa! lol! - i suppose it's a shame too as that would've been an easy thing to solve. don't think its the clothes as he doesn't seem to have any problem being starkers until actually in contact with the water. anyway like i said last stop bath seat.................................................. thanks all
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