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Just wondered if there were others of you out there not doing things by the book. After two and a half weeks of my lo not settling in his crib or his cot at night and after exhaustion causing us to fall asleep with the baby on us we decided to put him to sleep on his front. He seems to prefer this way of sleeping and he can't wake himself up when he moves his arms in his sleep. My MIL says that they use to tell you not to put them on their back due to the risk of choking. Anyway we have now had 3 brilliant nights sleep. Horay! But I definately will not be telling the health vistor! Would love to hear about any of you not doing things the recommended way, as it does make you feel awful like a faliure or a bad mum.

El x


  • El,
    Gracie ends up sleeping on my chest most nights after her wake up around 3-4am. I sleep too and she (touchwood!) stays put! On her back she has really bad windy pains and sicks loads so I feel safer with her on me.
    I weaned my boys earlier than 6 month (1st at 15wk but that was b4 they changed it from 4 to 6 month) but they were both ready.
    I think we have to have some say..they are our babies. Try not to feel too bad!
    Ali x
  • Hi El, after the near choking incident we had with Brendan we put him on his side now not on his back. Seems to make more sense to me! He also loves sleeping on my chest though but I'm trying to stop that as I never sleep very well when he does!
    We are very naughty and heat up his milk in the microwave for 10 secs to take the chill off it. We do shake it really really well to make sure there are no hot spots but I always feel like I am doing something I shouldn't!

    L x
  • Oops, yes bad mum take 2....I do that too Liz!
  • me too, but only formula obv. o and i giv ryan a dummy... hide it wen she cums round tho lol
  • My hv seems pretty sensible tbh.. told her we'd started giving cole formula and she said not to feel bad so told her i didn't cause i didn't plan on starving him!! i'm his mum so i'll do what i feel is best for him but i'll take advice into consideration but not be bullied into stuff or made to feel guilty - if she tried I'd probably fall out with her cause i am like that!!

    she told me it was ok to put him in his room earlier than 6 months.. so told her he would be anyway as my friend will want her moses basket back before her lo arrives in june!!

    i sound like such an arsey cow don't i!!

    only thing i'd be likely to not tell hv is if i was struggling or feeling a bit down cause as far as i'm concerned that is none of her busdiness.

    speaking of hv's..i'm off to the clinic soon to get cole weighed .. see how tubby he's got - he's definately getting fatter, he's growing out of size 2 nappies now!
  • I'm the same as you Kia - my hv is really good and I just tell her what I'm doing.

    Things change so much so quickly and for all we know, what we're being told to do will probably be different this time next year!

    We give Amy a dummy and heat her bottle in the microwave - we therefore have a contented baby!!!

    I think we're all fab Mummy's and doing what we think is best for our lo's.


    P.S Kia - I can't believe that Cole is out of size 2 already!!! I've tried Amy with size 2 and they're still a little on the large size - bless her!
  • hi

    i do nearly all the things everyone else does, thought it was just me naughty though, i like that we all are. i do believe that we prob do know best most of the time and even when we dont we arent likely to admit it, at least im not!! x
  • I don't think its naughty to do whats best for you and your baby.. so long as you are both happy then no problem! I'm like you though rebecca - I wouldn't admit it anyway if it turned out I didn't know best!!

    Rachel - he's not quite out of size 2's - but he does weigh 10lb 6 now and its obvious he's getting close to growing out of them so once this packet is finished we'll try him on my stockpile of size 3's (asdas nappies! yay!) - I can't believe he's this big doesn't seem that long since hubby bought the size 3's by mistake and they seemed so huge on him!
  • Everybodys right. You do what you feel is best and what your comfortable with. Advice is good but you can always sift through what you do and dont want to do.
    Alfie has a dummy, i nearly hid it from the hv but i thought sod it, if alfies happy i dont care what anybody else thinks. She did surprise me by saying that the dummy clips were a good idea. I nearly fell off my chair! I thought she was going to have a go at me!
    I used to heat his bottle up in the microwave but a friend told me that this will give a baby more wind. Not sure how true this is. What are everybodys opinions on this because im getting really peeved off with the jug and hot water method!!??
  • How could heating a bottle in the microwave give the baby more wind? I don't understand how it could - I thought you weren't supposed to heat up int he microwave because it puts hot spots in the milk (for formula) and for breastmilk cause it destroys it somehow. I can't comment on the jug & Hot water really cause Cole doesn't care about formula temperature..he'll have it at room temp and we only stick the breastmilk from the fridge in hot water for a few mins to take the chill off.
  • I'd tell my hv pretty much anything - but only if she asked... as for putting your baby to sleep on its side (or front) when my 16 year old was born all new mums were told to put their babies on their side to sleep with a rolled up blanket either side of them to stop them from rolling over, but when some of my neices and nephews were little (about 20 odd years ago) their mums were all told to put them on their fronts.... advice is always changing. Bryn sleeps on his back but I did try putting him on his side to see if that helped him to sleep - he just rolled onto his back!

    Kia and Rachel - just had to buy size 3 nappies for Bryn - he had him weighed yesterday and he was 13lb 11 1/2oz!
  • So good to hear we are all being 'naughty' lol!
    I don't see how heating the milk in the microwave can cause more wind, Brendan is loads happier having his milk warm (although he will have it cold too) and guzzles it down. As for hot spots if you heat a cup of tea up in the microwave and give it a good stir you don't get hotspots so I don't see what difference putting a bottle of formula in and then give it a good shake does. Heat disperses in liquid anyway so sounds like advice for people who would heat the milk in the microwave for 3 mins and then plonk it straight in the babies mouth. I'm sure half the advice they give you these days is because they are scared of being sued if something goes wrong!!
  • Never thought of that Liz. Youre probably right that all this advice is for the (how shall we phrase this?!) people who havent got much common sense!
    Ive started doing it in the microwave again (so naughty!) but then again i only do it to take the chill off the bottle as my son will drink anything!

    Its a bit like 'the rules' for giving a bath-about 4 inches of warm water. Alfie hated it! As soon as we made it a bit deeper and a lot warmer he loved it!

    You just have to adapt to what your lo likes, with a lot of trials and errors along the way!
  • Bollocks to 4 inches of water! Cole likes his bath warm and full up! We totally ignore the max line on his bath support.. he cries if its cooler and not full (probably cold poor boy) but loves a hot bath with plenty of water - like his mum! its perfectly safe so long as he is supervised - which he is
  • Well said Kia!!! lol
  • hehe..I speak my mind image

    I think they just put all these 'rules' in place to stop the idiots doing dumb things.. I'm sure there are some morons who'll leave the baby unattended in the bath and other dumb things
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