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Sicky baby?

After 3 wk of Gracie sicking up most of her milk (boob or formula) I finally took her to the docs to get her some Gaviscon infant as was sure she had reflux. She's had it in 7 bottles since and it's working well so far! She only possets a bit if anything at all, meaning she's not crying loads between feeds!
If your lo sicks up more than the odd mouthful, I really would recommend going docs as hv don't tell you about reflux/gaviscon, they just say 'as long as lo's putting on weight....' which is ok if you like a wet, stinky baby who's often hungry!
Can be given mixed with water if bf or mixed in a bottle feed. Def worth it!


  • Im glad you posted this alioli. Alfie is a very sicky baby and he can get grizzly between feeds which makes me wonder how much he is actually keeping down.
    I will definately go to the doctors. Thanks for the tip
  • Thanks for that - Bryn is very sicky (wasn't at first though) - I just thought I had a sicky baby - I'll speak to the doc about it when I go ... cheers, Em x
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