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SSA meeting - Symptom Spotters Anonymous!

*Stands up* My name is Clare and I am a compulsive symptom spotter.....

Well I THINK i ovulated over the weekend, not really sure though as ran out of ov test and basing that on a weird crampy feeling on sun, but not 100% convinced the pain was in the right place. It also would have been quite early as last couple of months my cycles have been betwen 32-36 days and have been ov on about CD19?! :\?

Am now on CD20, potentially 5-6DPO if I am correct about the weekend. Got weird spotting on wednesday which at most would have been 4dpo. Have read that although unlikely, COULD be implantation, and had the most horrendous headache yesterday and today.

Whya are there no definitive symptoms of pregnancy!?!

Anyone else out there in the same boat??

Also does anyone know, if I implanted early could I test earlier than normal?!? Clearly I'm going to be needing a POAS anonymas very shortly! :lol:

Clare x


  • *Stands up*

    My name is Baby B and I am a compulsive symptom spotter.

    I think I ov at weekend too. I now have achey af type pains (could this be implantation???). Am convinced I have more saliva. Nipples are sore, although they have been since Tues and may actually be getting better now rather than worse!
    Keep wondering if I have metallic taste, or feel sick but am just kidding myself. Don't think you would really have symptoms this soon anyway but still can't help imagining them!
  • *stands up*
    my name is Ann-M AKA Star27, & im a serial symptom spotter!
    I ov'd at the weekend too! I've been strange since, have a weriod exploding bursting sensation on sat on my rhside. Then waves of only what I can discribe as strangeness and nausea since Monday, boobs are bigger been bloated off t & coffee, milky drinks, certain smells are more obvious. Oh dear!x
  • *Stands up*

    My name is emmsy4 and I am a compulsive symptom spotter.

    I ov'd on Monday (pos opk on Sunday but ov cramps on Monday so I'm going with that). So only 4dpo but I've been feeling quite sick today - can it start that early or am I just imagining it?! xx
  • *clears throat and stands up*

    my names is MrsJules and I am a symptom spotter....

    well I am according to an OPK 4DPO or my temps I am 3DPO - confusing or what... :roll:

    Right well - I didn't want a glass of wine on Thursday evening (that was a shocker) my appetite has disappeared and I still have what feels like OV pains....

    OOHHH and for the first time ever I was smelling some weird smells yesterday at work that noone else could smell image

    Boobs feel very tender and hard - not liking this one much - :\(

    and have spots... not liking that one either - and they are in my hair image :evil:

    now I know that no of these symptoms could medically mean anything BUT they COULD BE :lol::lol::lol:

    Therefore I am keeping tight hold of my PMA and HOPING like mad image

    Sticky and positive baby dust to everyone!
  • just want to say good luck to you all. i'm sure you will get your bfps soon. and the symptom spotting will get even worse then!!!
    lots of pma and babydust to you all xxxxxxxxxxxx
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