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Clomid - how did you get it prescribed?

How long did it take for you to be prescribed clomid and what are the reasons? I've had blood tests but need to go back for the 21 day test. I am sure I am ovulating but not every month.

What's the next step. Do I need to go to the doctor and ask for more investigation now? I'm 38 and have been trying for 7 months.


  • When I was ttc Zara I got the 21 day blood tests done & the results came back that I was ov but the levels were a bit low so my GP decided that because I had already conceived 1 child that i didnt have a fertility problem that needed reffered as such so she prescribed me clomid to regulate my cycles & I conceived in the 2nd month of taking it. When I got the 21 day bloods done she also tested for pcos which came back negative.

    We are ttc again & my cycles havent settled down after having Zara & I spoke to my GP again & she said if they havent regulated or if I havent got pg before august to come & see her & she will prescribe me clomid again

    Good luck. It would be worth mentioning clomid when you go in for the results of your bloods to see what your GP says

    Hilary x
  • I'm still waiting 13 months later hun - I don't ov - I have polycystic ovaries - and it seems I am passed from pillar to post for tests and all sorts!!

    If you think you need help ovulating - then your doc is the best place to start - but some docs can't perscribe it - like mine - so I have to go to the fertility clinic - although I'm going to try and go private because the NHS one is not working too well - long story anf don't really want to put you off hun!

    Good luck - and lots of baby dust!

  • Sorry to hear that Mummywannabe. Why can't they prescribe it? Do you have to go to a sub fertility clinic?

    I am ovulating but there's been a month where I didn't so if I don't get a peak on my CBFM this month I'm going to be inclined to think I only ovulate every other month. Obviously I don't know this yet but if it starts to look likely I'll probably talk to my doc about Clomid.

    Hilary&Amy&Zara - how do they test for pcos?
  • I got mine prescribed by Consultant as ive got Endometriossi and dont ovulate naturaly.
    He told us GP's CAN prescribe it but dont like to because of monitoring scans b/t's etc etc.
    You have to have been trying for over 12 months to get it so if your in a hurry and you've been trying for less than that you would have to fib imageops:

    Hope this helps

    Clarins xx
  • would my age make a difference? I don't think I have anything wrong with ,e really, there's no signs that I have but I just want to be prepared as I am 38 and TTC my first (trying since oct) so am starting to get a bit worried.
  • Hi I am on my first cycle of Clomid (4th tablet today). My new GP prescribed it as I have long irregular cycles (average 70 days). I always thought you had to be referred to Gyno first but she told me she could prescibe as she specialises in fertility!! Though I had all bloods done first and they all came back normal :\)
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