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Confused over CD and ovulation!

HI Girls can you help me?

I had my peak on CBFM on Tuesday 6th May. That was 14 days ago now. When would you think I would be due. Today is CD30 - last month I had a 29 day cycle and the two months before that I had 30 day cycles. I just don't know if i count 14 days including that Tuesday or do I start counting the Wednesday as 1dpo??




  • Hi Em

    I'm not definite but I usually count 1 dpo as the day after my first peak on cbfm. So I would count Wednesday as 1dpo. My luteal phase is between 14 and 16 days. I think they say they average is about 14 days, so if you got your peak 14 days ago you could get an early pregnancy test.
    Not sure if this is any help to you. Let me know how you get on. Always on the look out for good news. xxx
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