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im back...

Epu have rung my levels are going down so i am very confused and hurt at the moment, not sur ewhat to think or do, i dont even know if i want to ttc anymore, i guess my head will be clearer in a few days but right now all i want to do is lock myself in a room and cry :cry::cry:


  • So so sorry to hear that woomummy. We havent spoken before but I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you. Its ok to have a good cry x
  • so so sorry to hear, i've been following your story. . . .

    all i can really say is take time to greive before making any decisions, things might be clearer after some time has passed and a good lot of crying, we are all hear to listen when you need to let it all out! whatever your decision is!!!

    take care
  • Awwww woomummy, im so sorry to hear that, it must be heartbreaking for you! You must do whats best for you, cry as much as you like maybe even have a good scream as danipink says let it all out. take care sweetie. xxxx
  • So sorry. I too have been following your story on jan and mc. Just take all the time you need to grieve and start to heal. We are all here for you. Take care.
    Helen xxxx
  • Thank you for all your kind words girls, ive decided im going to do something, so ive booked in with my doctor today and im going to insist on a referal now, enough is enough, i need some anwsers now, as for ttc i just dont know, i feel such an amount of guilt even thinking about it as it makes me feel bad on the babies i lost, but then the desire to have another baby is always there.....not sure what to do yet image xxxxxx
  • Good for you woomummy, its only fair that you get answers about your mcs, why should you just sit back and accept whats happened? Im sure in time you will want to ttc again as you say the longing for a baby never goes away. You will do it when you feel ready, things are too raw at the moment to even think about it, you need to take care of yourself and get stronge. Dont feel guilty about the little angels you lost you loved them but it just wasnt meant to be. I really hope you get some answers. Take care hun, sending you a big cyber hug. xxxxx
  • So so sorry to hear your sad news woomummy. I think you're right to be demanding answers. Hope you feel really better soon (i know you feel) Big hug xxx
  • I am really sorry to hear this image I think you defo should go to your GP and demand some answers they can't just leave this?
  • Really very sorry to hear your sad news woomummy. Take some time out for yourself and recover, emotionally and physically. There are no words that can help at this time but my thoughts are with you.

  • oh kim i am so so sorry, i haven't been on in a few days and really didn't expect to see this. I don't know what to say as i know nothing will make you feel any better, definatley go to your dr and demand that they do something. Whatever you decide about ttc jut know where all here for you xxxx
  • So sorry to hear your news. Give yourself plenty of time to feel sad and try not to feel guilty, you really shouldn't.
  • So sorry to hear your news woomummy. Take some time out to grieve - you don't need to make any decisions right now. Hopefully the docs can give you some answers but you mustn't think that any of this is your fault. It simply isn't.
    Take care
  • Im so deeply sorry to hear this sad news. Cry all you want hun, I did. It is best not to bottle things up.

    I think you are right to demand answers from your doc's. Then you can make an informed decision as to wher to go from here.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world, whatever you decide. Take care hun and get plenty of support and hugs. xx
  • Hi Kim. So so sad to hear your news. Why is it so unfair? There was a woman on channel 4 last night who had about 13 kids and wanted more. My heart goes out to you hun. Please take good care of yourself and go see that doc! Sending lots of hugs and kisses, bluebird xxxx
  • I really feel for you Woo!. Hopefully you will get what you want from the docs, and don't take no for an answer.

    Take care of yourself.
  • It's so unfair. I'm sorry :\( xx
  • hi. ive only just joined so havent spoke to you yet but i have been foloowing your story. im so sorry you really have been through a hard time and i hope things get better for you soon. i agree with the girls you have no reason to feel guilty and you quite right to demand some answers. sending lots of love and best
  • Ive recently joined the forum and i am so sorry to hear your news, i just want you to know whatever you decide about ttc we will all be here for you. my thoughts are with you during your sad time. big cuddles Kel.xxxxxx
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