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what do you think...?

im having a scan thursday to rule out pcos but im SUSPICIOUS i may be pregnant (dont want to jinx it!) im think im gonna test tomorrow am-if it comes back positive-obviously that would be brill news and i would be totally shocked but the question is would you still go for the scan the day after???? i know pregnancy wont show on scan as to early-but i still want my ovaries and things checking. if you answer yes-the next question is do i tell the sonographer that i got a bfp?!?!
would love to hear your opinions girls.xx


  • Still go for your scan but just mention to the sonographer that you think you may be in the very early stages of pregnancy.
    You still need to get your bits and pieces checked out on your scan hun.
  • Pinkpower - good luck with your test and scan. I agree with baby monkey to still go for the scan - it is worth knowing that you have had it done.

    Have you tested yet?
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