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thinking about trying something new.

hi ladies well currently on day 14 of taking my metformin for my pcos and it looks as tho there working already as i ovd this month feeling very positive well lil bit lol also thinking of trying something new maybe its silly idea but thinking of trying fertility spells as there a lady on ebay that was featured in a baby mag and according to women all over the world her spells are working and there falling pregnant really quickly and im very much into alternative things maybe its coincedence but what ya got to loose apart from 8quid lol. also iv been relaxing and aint been symptom spotting. been taking vitamin supplements and
been having healing at spiritual church as i used go to open circle for mediumship and the healing and meditating is very relaxing so trying to do the whole relaxing thing and healthy eating iv even lost 5 pounds woohoo im currently on cd 29 so hope i get bfp soon. x hope you ladies are well lots love and babydust crystal. x


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