RIGHT i have a plan :)

Well ive decided to stop moping and get on with things....so i had my 1st job interview today!!! Ive put so much on hold because im ttc and ive had enough..!!! Will find out friday if i have got it, ive also booked flights with my sisters and mum to suprise my little brother who lives in canada for a week in september!!! Onwards and upwards i say!!! Also im going to get a first response to do a test next wednesday as im pretty i ov last wk..very soon after my mc but it happened to filo so its not impossible...am hopeing yesterdays cramps and the smidge of red in my cm was implantation..and if it wasnt then theres always next month ;\)


  • Wow well done babeimage Very proud of you, i think that it is great to be doing all this stuff it may for a while take your mind off of TTC and this is when it may happen.

    I told myself before i started to not let this whole TTC lark take ove rmy life that there is more to life as well like my good job my friends and family holidays and my wonderful hubby. It is very hard though once you start to not think about it 24 7 but having plans helps spoo much.

    I am a BM's in less than 4 months as well as off to Barcelona for three days for the hen weekend in 6 weeks so i am pleased i have things to look forwrad to .

    Best of luck

    k xx
  • woomummy, you go girl!!! Hope you get your BFP next week.

  • Thank u girlies, ive decided enough is enough, 13 months ttc im not waiting anymore!!!! Feel so excited and positive about all the other things that are going on, ttc feels like its in the background now, which i think is where it needs to be image x
  • That sounds like an excellent plan. It's all too easy to put your life on hold for ttc. I've put my career on hold and i'm not sure i should have really but seemed like the thing to do at the time. Booking a holiday is a great idea, might look into that one myself!!! Keep up with that pma and you never know, you might get that bfp sooner than you think!!
  • well done woomummy! def the right attitude to have, although i know just how hard it is to get ttc out of your mind. Have a feeling bfp might be around the corner for you...
  • Good for you! Such a great plan. TTC needs to have its place and not take over (fine to write it but not sure I'm following it).

    Best of luck with job hunt too. x
  • very positive. I am trying to do the same. have applied for jobs, bought tickets to go an see bill bailey, am planning my wedding. It is hard not to become preoccupied with ttc even though mc was only a month ago. Hope you get the job!
  • Great plan Kim! I am going to see a horse at the weekend, which I hope to get on loan. (cant afford to buy one! sob!). Hopefully I will get it and can soon jump bakc into the saddle again. (pardon the pun)

    good luck with the job, really hope you get it, and have a fab time in Canada! Im sooo jealous! I wanted to move to Canada, but oh wont leave his family behind!

    I have got my fingers well and truly crossed for a bfp for you when you test next weds, really hope to be reading a good-news-post then! image

    I have lots of ewcm, and am feeling fruity again, so will jump oh's bones tonight! :lol: Its not all fun and games for him tho, boobs are sooo tender they are a definite no-go zone for him! image

    GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!!! image xxxx
  • Hey girls, im glad everyone is sharing the PMA, onwards and upwards now!!! Im glad i booked the holiday, because the way i look at it if im not pg i can get smashed canadian stylie with my little bro who i havent seen for a year and il be at a job long enough to get maternity leave!!! So im happy for it to happen when it happens, no pressure, although il still be jumping the hubby as much i can!!!!! Fingers crossed next wk brings me good news, but wont hold my breath lol! xx
  • Good luck with the plan and I hope it is a bfp next week!!xx
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