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Anyone hiding from AF today?

Hi ladies i'm on CD29 AF is due yesterday or today (my longest cycle being 28 days).

Got my bfn at 13dpo so not hopeful but hiding all the same :lol:

So far (fingers crossed i dont jinx it) the witch hasnt arrived but feeling a bit heavy so she may be coming :cry:

Anyone else hiding today and want to keep me company?



  • Hiding but in advance as af due weds at the earliest, though I'm so bad tempered today feels like pms!!! Good luck, hope she doesnt find you. Are you going to test tomorrow if she doesnt get you?
  • I am LadyDonut (can I call you that please?! LOL)

    AF was due yesterday and hasn't arrived today. I don't feel at all like she is on the way now apart from my 'normal' period poo's (sorry for the TMI) a few days ago. I got a tiny bit irritated with hubby earlier for stealing the trolley in Sainsbury's - but thats only 'cos I'm lazy and it meant I had to walk the length of the supermarket to dump my stuff in the trolley and then walk back to get the rest!

    Last night I felt so so sick I had to sit down for 20-mins or so until it passed. It wasn't hunger as I'd be snacking on carrots and hummous for most of the day!

    This morning though, when no AF appeared, I did another test and BFN. Now 11DPO and starting to wonder again whether I am preggy? Until yesterday we had resigned ourselves to the fact we hadn't done it this month...

    So yes is my short answer, sorry for the long winded explanation!!!
  • There you go Joo, changed my user name just for you!!!

    Is nasty AF still staying away? I must've checked 40 times today, i'm so scared she's coming, even though i'm pretty sure we haven't done i just want her to stay away!!

    I have felt sicky too but sometimes hormones make me like that so thought maybe AF might be causing it. Nearly bit DH head off this morning when he hadn't fed the cat too. LOL!

    Good luck xx
  • I LOVE the new name - fantastic!!!

    I am the same today, numerous toilet trips. I am probably classed as a self pervert now too with all the cervix checking!!!

    I don't feel either way today - like AF is coming - but I don't feel 'different' to indicate I might be pregnant too.

    Its SO frustrating!!!
  • Haha i know i think i should stop poking my cervix, it cant be good for me!! LOL. Have had odd cramps but not hardcore AF ones. Hope she's not playing nasty tricks.

    Will prob test if AF is still AWOL tomo but there's still time for the old hag to arrive!!! Fancying some donuts now......

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