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Interesting article on OV!!

This may explain some of our confusion (especially you K-lou! - Lol)

and this confirms it!!

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  • If you type in a search engine - there are tons of articles on this!!

    The reason I looked is I was confused and concerned. I definitely had EWCM about 2wks ago, and then got some more today and thought 'WTF?!''
  • ah this may clear it up for me then because i thought i ov'd early about cd 5 and then i wasn't sure as i then got more cm on cd 14! didnt think i was going mad. thank you for putting that up. do you think it would explain y some women get a possitive test early (ie they have caught from ealrier ov) and some dont get bfp for about a wekk later (they caught on later ov)? oh while you are here answering my silly questions what is PMA? sorry but im still new to this and find it quite confusing! im hoping this will be a good month for me (and all of you aswel) as i do think i ov'd on cd 5 and have been feeling like ive been on a boat on choppy water for last few days.

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  • Positive Mental Attitude!!!xx
  • PMA = positive mental attitude!!

    You look similar to me then - OV around 2wks ish apart!!

    I think both your theories could be correct - i read that a woman got PG on CD24 of 31 day cycle!!

    I thought I was going mad too!! But maybe not?! It could also explain why so many 'accidents' happen. I always thought it was odd if there was only a few days to fall that accidents happened so much!! I read that some woman can OV 3 times!!
  • These might help!!

    AF ~ Aunt Flo (menstrual period)
    BFN ~ big fat negative (on a pregnancy test)
    BFP ~ big fat positive (on a pregnancy test)
    BTDT ~ been there, done that
    CD ~ cycle day (of your menstrual period)
    CM ~ cervical mucus
    DPO ~ days past ovulation
    EDD ~ estimated date of delivery or pregnancy due date
    EP ~ ectopic pregnancy
    EPT ~ early pregnancy test
    EWCM ~ egg white cervical mucus
    FET ~ frozen embryo transfer
    GL ~ good luck
    HPT ~ home pregnancy test
    HTH ~ hope that helps
    IUI ~ intrauterine insemination
    IVF ~ in vitro fertilization
    MC/MMC ~ miscarriage
    OV ~ ovulate
    OMG ~ oh my goodness
    OPK ~ ovulation predictor kit
    PG ~ pregnant
    TTC ~ trying to conceive
    DD ~ dear daughter
    DS ~dear son
    DH ~ dear husband
    OH ~ other half
    LO ~ little one
    TBH ~ to be honest
    HV ~ health visitor
    MW ~ midwife
    LOL ~ laugh out loud
    TMI ~ too much information
    POAS ~ pee on a stick
    BAC ~ by any chance
    BD ~ baby dance (sex)
    BF ~ breastfeeding
    MIL ~ mother inlaw
    FIL ~ father inlaw
    BTW ~ by the way
    HTH ~ hope this helps
    LO ~ littleone
    TC ~ take care
    TY ~ thank you
    WB ~ welcome back
    1WW/2WW ~ between ovulation on AF
    PCOS ~ Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    PCO ~ Polycystic Ovaries
    LH ~ Luteinizing Hormone
    UPSI ~ unprotected sexual intercourse
    DI ~ Donor insemination
    PMSL ~ pissing myself laughing
    TBH ~ To be honest
    FFS ~ for f**** sake
    BBT ~ Basal body temperature (a temperature reading used determine a woman's fertile period)
    PUPO ~ pregnant until proven otherwise
    R+R ~ read and run
    VE ~ vaginal examination
    AC ~ Abdominal circumference -- a measurement of the mother's belly in cross section, and an indicator of fetal weight/growth
    BH ~ Braxton Hicks (as in Braxton Hicks contractions)
    Amnio ~ Amniocentesis
    GBS ~ Group B streptococcus
    GD ~ Gestational diabetes
    GTT ~ Glucose tolerance test
    VBAC ~ Vaginal birth after Cesarean
    PUPO ~ Pregnant until proven otherwise
    ADN ~ Any Day Now
    AI ~ Artificial Insemination
    BP ~ Blood pressure or birth plan
  • haha thank you so much for them. ill save them somewhere for reference! you girls are so helpful,thanks again. my friend told me you can only fall pregant in about 2 days a month. so glad i wont have to ask again-did i ov or not. coz i know now that maybe it just ov twice, hey double chances then!
  • Exactly - here's hoping!! lol xx
  • women can ov at least twice a month - i have on a few months, then not ov at all on other months.... :\( (using ov sticks to test for it)

    interesting articles.

  • Wow S.Y. - nice to hear someone we know has actually seen this!! thanks!!
  • I ov twice in one month where i concieved non identical twins concieved at different times of the month. Unfortunatly it sadly ended at 11+5. Now finding it really difficult that i can not even manage one let alone two
  • I'm sorry Emzyv - that must be hard. Fingers crossed it all sorts itself out for you xx silly question - is 11+5 11weeks 5days?
  • What a great article! Now I'm going to be looking out for ov pains constantly.
  • OMG!!!!! I was wondering if this was poss??? Though I have pains but no EWCM so i do think if I did OV it was only once this month but thank you soooo much for this. Love that i got a mention lol HEE HEE

    k XX

  • K-lou - i thought you would appreciate it as I know you are really interested and going through all the same confusion as me!!
  • i am, people must think i am mad but i have to get to know my CM or i will never know when is the right time and so on?? i don't care if people think i am mad, I am mad LOL

    K xx
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