tested again

i tested with fmu this morn n got BFN again, i used first response n i was so sure i was gona get a pos but nothing zilch,so fed up n no af either.so its CD47 for me.just wish i knew wots goin on ,i know things take time 2 settle down aft cumin off pill but last af was CD28,this wud have been my 2nd proper af since pill.worst thing is dont no if i ov or not as i thought id play it by ear.so just gona wait n wait sum more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does ne1 know if it is poss 2 go 2 mths without af 2 get BFP,as i may have ov alot later this time(like just b4 af was due)just have no way of knowing arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!! so frustrating n feel tearful all time n snappin @ OH all time


  • Argh mushie, it's such a confusing time when you first come off the pill. Your body is all over the place as is your emotions and hormones and you don't know where you are. Our bodies are horrible sometimes and play nasty tricks on us. You can still ov with no af i believe, have you tried ov sticks or cm monitoring. Try not to get to worried and i know its easier said than done. As everyone says you need to relax and try and go with the flow so to speak. Really hope your body settles down soon adn you get that BFP. SLOW xx
  • thx slow,i may start with ov sticks if no luck this time.im just gona have 2 sit tight n ride out.if no sign of af or BFP in 2 wks time im gona go 2 docs n ask 4 a blood test,just 4 peace of mind.also im gona only test once a wk 4 the next 2weeks if af dnt come by then as it gettin expensive n disahearting everytime. by way slow how long u been ttc? :\)
  • I've been ttc for 9 months now and just found out i've got PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). Just waitin for an appointment for a scan now. image
  • hope u get ur get ur appt soon slow 2 sort things out,will this b ur 1st time round 4 u ? x
  • Sorry to hear you got another bfn mushie. I dont really know what to advise hun, as never been through this. Have you seen your gp about lack of af's?

    Good luck hun, and you too SLOW with your scan. xxx


  • hi babybump imgona go @ docs in two weeks if no joy then>lol sorry my keyboard playin up think i held shift key down @ long ne one how i get keyboard back to norm
  • hey honey, i know just how frustrating it can get!!
    my first af after coming off the pill was 39 days then it droped to 31 - got excited thinking things where settling down, but then next one was 50days!!!
    now its cd34 or something - trying not to stress this mth and nothing!!! oh and BFN when i tested so need to wait it out!!!
    the doc tld me to come back at end of year if no joy! she wasn't surprised at the long wait as i had been on the pil for ten years! but its just plain crap having to wait!!!! feel like we can't really ttc properly cause i don't know when or even if (doc doesn't think i am cause of long cycles!!) i have or will ov!!!!
    good luck
  • hi danipink sorry 2 hear cycles r all ov place,i was on pill for 10yrs 2.thats not fair havin 2 wait,how old r u?as im 37 so i feel time is not exactly on my side.hope all settles down soon 4 u x
  • Sounds like you've got a very confusing cycle going on. Hope you get a BFP soon, can imagine how horrible the not knowing either way is!

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